Happy Memorial Day

I am an American; a proud Nyer, but I am a human first. Today, we honor all the people that fought for our liberties, as well as those that died for endless greed. Any war that is fought has casualties so no one is ultimately a winner. We should strive for peace and that should never end in blood. But, not being an ignorant man, I understand war may be needed to gain peace. Being a man of faith, I hope one day that isn’t our truth and we can compromise without stopping someone’s heart to have peace. With all that being said, we are present in today and honor the bravery it takes to forfeit life so others can live….Thank you

Open Your Mouth….

How is someone responsible for something you think they should know when you never told them? Communicate exactly what you want….Nobody should be expected to read between the lines, when you can be straight. Stop playing victim….You can’t justify staying, yet still complain about not leaving. You can’t expect someone to leave a person they can get over on. Be vulnerable….Put your heart on the line and test how strong your Love truly is. Challenge your relationship with honesty regularly. Open your mouth….Stop being a coward, hiding behind your right to conceal; you are in a relationship, nothing is yours anymore, it belongs to both of y’all!!!!

Happy Mother’s Day

What can we say about our mothers? The femininity patrolling our homes with the grace of a hug, and the sturnness of lessons. They provide us with the foundation that can only be found in a home. They are the wives their sons should want and the women their daughters should want to be. They are teaching us the fathers and mothers we should want to be. Mothers can be our everything because they can do anything. We celebrate Mother’s day to remind ourselves how blessed we are to have y’all….thanks for being!!!!
Love,Happy Mother’s Day

What it Means to Be a Couple….

A couple is two, but as one they become a unit. They take the risk of merging two power with the hope it would be electric. The sparks fly and they must be controlled enough to light up a home, which would house a family, and invite friends. A couple will actually bring more than two together because the multiplication will add up, to something that can only be subtracted if they allow division to keep them from being equals….

Women Don’t Amaze Me….

I am not amazed by what a woman can do, I am amazed about what they can’t do. I am amazed that people doubt someone that can hold a child for nine months and birth them through pain that will kill the average man.
I have always understood that rules have no expectations, we just never accepted the rules! I understand women and men are different, but I choose to see how we are similar by talking about our differences. I am called “rude”, “disrespectful”, and “insensitive”  because I am never amazed by what a woman can do, but by what they can’t do, because I see us as equals, together. And, I would be damn if I would be amazed by my capabilities, so I say what I want and I am proven wrong daily because I am right, women can take it!!!!

Love Again….

I wish, I can be the desired urge. I wish, I can go to sleep and awake in the reality of the perfect dream. I wish, I could see  a sea that isn’t waving bye but saying hello. Yet, I wouldn’t have to wish, if people weren’t more worried about being missed than being present. They stand halfway out the door, wanting to be in control of when they leave and when they stay. Committing to a person, but holding on to their prized possessions. Absent of heart, mind you, they want all heart. Depressed, they refuse to rest next to someone that will offer them more, yet, they choose to be less. Penis swallowed just to be iced. Wanting to spoon but theirs a fork in the road. Wasting every moment, saving themselves from living, because all they see is death. Fear gives so many false confidence, but if they were truly courageous, they would allow themselves to Love again!!!!

Stand Up Straight….

People are more worried about judgment than they are doing the right thing. I am happy that I have people around me that will judge me for bad behavior. I enjoy having friends that will check me if I stay in a bad relationship, or if I complain about something I am not willing to change, or if I open my mouth without thinking. I don’t want “NICE” friends….I want “Genuine” friends. Yes, my friends influence my behavior because when I am slipping, I’m happy they would do anything necessary to stand me up straight!!!!