It’s Not The Invention 

It’s Not The Invention 

​Social media isn’t the problem, the problem is how people use social media. I connected with old friends, met new ones, read things that gave me food for thought. I have spread a message, received messages, and watched videos that inspired me to be and do more. Yet, we blame social media because some people use this tool to bully, destroy relationships, and spread hate. When are we going to stop blaming the invention and make people accountable for their misuse of the invention….

Stand Up Straight….

People are more worried about judgment than they are doing the right thing. I am happy that I have people around me that will judge me for bad behavior. I enjoy having friends that will check me if I stay in a bad relationship, or if I complain about something I am not willing to change, or if I open my mouth without thinking. I don’t want “NICE” friends….I want “Genuine” friends. Yes, my friends influence my behavior because when I am slipping, I’m happy they would do anything necessary to stand me up straight!!!!

Stop Looking the Wrong Way….

I know, it is hard to see someone that never tried with us, give their  all to someone else. But, that’s why they are with someone else. Hoping their relationship fails isn’t going to build success in ours. We just need to search for our own happiness. We should put all those negative thoughts into a positive relationship for ourselves….and when we find that relationship, it will be clear that we only felt that way because we had too much time on our hands!!!!

Never Settle….

When we speak, we want someone who will listen. When we Love, we want someone who will Love us back. When we justify being treated less or sit idled waiting for someone that has failed us over and over to give us more…. We are lessening our chance for happiness. We are forfeiting our right to life. Just because we breathe doesn’t mean we are living, just because we wake up doesn’t mean we are blessed. We must never settle for just breathing or just being alive, we must get the absolute best out of life, so we know we truly lived.

Woman’s Group….

I have several verbal and written commitments to join  the Women’s Group I am trying to start…. It should be interesting. Different ages, backgrounds, and life philosophies- but all looking to enhance their perspective, coming to the understanding that it may take a village!!!!

It Rained For Three Days

It rained for three days; the death in her eyes, stopped my heart and wandered my mind. The wetness of those days haunts my footsteps. I stood still, frightened to fight for forgiveness- choosing regret, as opposed to humility. Water begins to absorb into my cheeks, feeling sorry for what I did-realizing I didn’t know how to apologize, telling my story, stealing pity from others who actually tried. People don’t see me, they see a portfolio of I, trapped in a moment in time where I chose to justify Love as an injustice, so I can feel just in hate. Feet moving forward, neck looking back- contradicting my faith with a sinful act; forever torn at the torso. It rained until I drowned in a river of selfishness. My last deep breath was strong enough to say “I’m Sorry”!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

Expression Must Be Expressed….

Woke up; eyes blood shot- the ideas running through my head made it impossible to sleep. Aching head- I walked to the desktop, opened my word document and began poking the keys. Words just poured out of my brain like blood in a surgery. The passion for clarity prevented me from resting when so many can’t, because the pain is too intense. Sentences turned to paragraphs and paragraphs into pages. Authoring change takes structure, the contradiction that Love is based on. My eye lids begin to play curtains, dimming the lights of an early sunrise due to daylight savings. I Look at the screen, my words are becoming senseless, makes no sense to continue. Power off!!!!