Welcome To Life….

Good Morning,
Woke up with thoughts running through my heart. My passion is always connected to my first waking moment. I pop out of bed; knowing the village I have, knowing the happiness of the life I created for myself, understanding I can stand still and Love surrounds me. Yet, I have the urge to open my mouth and challenge others to fight for pleasures I have acquired. So, I risk being tuned out, to reach one ear, that will accept joy and stability into their hearts….

Love Again….

I wish, I can be the desired urge. I wish, I can go to sleep and awake in the reality of the perfect dream. I wish, I could see  a sea that isn’t waving bye but saying hello. Yet, I wouldn’t have to wish, if people weren’t more worried about being missed than being present. They stand halfway out the door, wanting to be in control of when they leave and when they stay. Committing to a person, but holding on to their prized possessions. Absent of heart, mind you, they want all heart. Depressed, they refuse to rest next to someone that will offer them more, yet, they choose to be less. Penis swallowed just to be iced. Wanting to spoon but theirs a fork in the road. Wasting every moment, saving themselves from living, because all they see is death. Fear gives so many false confidence, but if they were truly courageous, they would allow themselves to Love again!!!!

Read This Message of Love

There is so much pain floating in my head, it’s hard to name it. It’s hard to put my finger on the exact person that caused it. Was it the people that raised me to be so free of heart, was it the several people that took that heart for granted, or was it me for believing I could be happy in a world that caters more to misery. I don’t know, but the pain continues to float around in my head. Yet, I smile, laugh, hug, and kiss the people I Love because without the pain in my head, I wouldn’t realize the Love in my heart, I would be too busy protecting myself from getting hurt. Now, that I realize, I can sustain the pain, I am no longer afraid to give all of myself….I am Love in the form of man. ~AmazinglyBrash~

A Love List….

1) Remember to Love yourself by building relationships that reconfirm that you Love yourself.

2)Get in the business of your Love ones because their pain is your pain and their joy is your joy.

3) Communicate your thoughts to the people you Love because if it’s true Love, they will have a discussion with you about it (whether they disagree or not).

4) Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, because when they see you clearly, you know they aren’t going anywhere.

5) And most of all, revolve your actions around the people in your life because the people you have yet to meet aren’t worth the people you have already met.


I Want You Happy….

Remember the exciting feeling of the beginning of dating. Then, over time the passion begins to fade. That’s because we are sold this theory that we should CHANGE and GROW in a commitment. But, that’s far from the truth. The key is maintaining the people that entered the commitment, finding a way to put the same effect we put into the relationship in the beginning. If both parties were themselves, then, they shouldn’t Change or Grow from that because it’s exactly why the other person fell in Love in the first place. So, don’t look for more or try doing less but stay consistent and your relationship will remain Happily forever!!!!


Happy Sunday….

Sunday Thoughts on Relationships….

We tended to believe our best friends are people that can keep a secret, when we should believe our best friends should be those that tell the truth. We pride ourselves on all we can hide, but we need to take more pride in how truthful we can be. Being as vulnerable as we can by risking our hearts to hopefully get greatness from life. To truly feel what Love is without doubt, but Faith….Think about it!!!!


Love Them….

Hug them daily, look them in the eyes and say I Love You. Fight with them, when they are too stubborn to get out of there own way, get in their way. Laugh with them, show them the joy they bring you on a regular basis. Talk to them, tell them all your secrets and allow them to Love you for exactly who you are. Challenge them, never allow them to be comfortable in ignorance when they can be provided with answers.  Love them, show them that they are the most important people in your life but make time to have a life with them….Love them!!!!