Violence Just Leads to Violets

Because your face is frowned up, I’m supposed to think you’re a killer? Is that supposed to be a warning sign you’re not to be fucked with? Homeboy, I am not here to invade your space, nor to play eye to eye games to prove I can out thug you. There has to be more to life! Have you even had a hug? If not, my arms are open; I’d rather show Love than leave you cold on the pavement. Actually, I intend to cover the cracks in the streets so you don’t have to trip. Brother, I am hope, not the threat; threatening me isn’t going to give you the satisfaction you desire. Putting a bullet in my head is killing yourself; taking my last won’t last. Are you hungry? Let’s sit down to eat, the bills on me. I will feed you thoughts that will give you food for thought. Why be another convict, when you can educate others how to be truly convicted; teach them to perserve life, not take it. I know, I know, inspiration won’t pay your rent; but it will house your faith. It will give you a second chance at freedom, building a community of people that will buy someone hungry a plate of food, filling their bellies with Love, while flushing all the hate in the toilet. I can’t do it without you, are you ready???? ~AmazinglyBrash~

Redefining “The American Dream”

The American Dream is for fiends that want the instance of gratification. They aren’t patient enough to cook, so they microwave every idea and sell it off as success; using others shoulders as a ladder to elevate them to the top, while pushing down each step so no one else can climb. Justifying the individual, saying they did it all alone, producing a production of clones whom pride themselves on building a group of groupies. Glorifying fame over friendship, money over morals, and the present over presence. Living every moment like it’s their last, yet when the moment does pass, they are still left with their past. “Every man differs” yet history repeats itself. So many are living for the story more than building; greatness is capital, but Washington has never been enough to purchase Love. So, I dream of an America that can witness a homeless couples passion to stay warm in each other’s arms and market that as being successful!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~


Good Looks are a novelty, just like being born with athletic gifts or brilliance(genius). It’s an advantage and it should be. When a good looking person walks through a door, it’s like witnessing  a great dunk or reading a quote that will never leave your brain. You will have “the average” that will say “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” but they are just justifying the rejection they believe they will encounter from persuing actual beauty. They will have you believe that Beyonce is in the same category as Precious, but when you ask them to back that statement up, they admit the only thing precious about her is being in the same sentence with Beyonce. Some are better looking than others; glorifying their beauty shouldn’t make others feel less, but encourage them to  highlight their God given talents. Why do we minimize truth by creating new truths to be comfortable in the insecurities that lie in us? Credit is a good thing, but if it’s used badly, we’ll spend too much time bankrupting others, in hopes we could be as wealthy!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

Waiting to Soar

Being single isn’t the life most have envisioned, but it is the life several have encountered for a variety of reasons. I, myself have been single because I know what I want and will not settle for less than that. Being a husband will be the best thing that will happen to me, but settling for a wife would be the worst that can happen. I want to look the woman I am with in the eyes and know she is an extension of me, that she represents everything I stand for. I want her to soar and fly along side me for a lifetime!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

“How it is Said”

The “how it is said”, is a method that works when you are a politician.  A friend listens to the intention of your words. Whether you say they look fat in that dress or that dress doesn’t fit your curves, they should understand that you disapprove of them wearing that dress. Communication is important, so why do you have to choose your words wisely among friends or Loved ones? They will see the big picture if they understand you. My method is to be myself and allow people to attach themselves or detach themselves, based on my honesty, straightforwardness, dedication, and devotion; my heart. I have a great group of friends that Love all those attributes. They enjoy the fact that they never have to guess with me or sugarcoat their words to me….

Heartbreak Feels Like the Number One Cause of Death

Heartbreak feels like the number one cause of death. When someone you Love walks out the door, you lock up and put the chain on. It feels like you never will be with anyone that compares, but then you run into someone, and you realize this is the person everyone else was preparing you for. You take the chain off, unlock the door, and let them in. When you watch them lock the door behind them, you know you found home. The key is not to push them away due to the past, but to look forward to the future by using the present to fill them in about the past. Commitment is a beautiful thing. I encourage people to workout mentally, physically, and emotionally because  finding a new partner will take being open to embrace them….~AmazinglyBrash~

Mirror Your Faith and It will Reflect onto the World

I am raising a young lady hoping she never becomes as bitter as the women I encounter while speaking of Love. I express that it’s something that two receptive parties have to agree upon and honor with their lives. They tell me they need to save for a rainy day, and no man is worthy of their undying devotion. They say I am a fool to believe that another human will truly buy into a selfless commitment without selfish intentions. I tell them I want a woman that will buy into a selfish commitment with selfless intentions. I envision a partner that fully expects me to honor our commitment but will dedicate and devote to honor hers. I will treat her like the man I believe my mother deserves, and be the man I want my God daughter to marry. Yes, I do believe there are human beings that will sacrifice their selfish desires for the needs of two, and I believe all the bitter people believe the same because they have already sacrificed their faith for one (or they wouldn’t be so bitter). When we stay too long in madness, we start to believe the whole world is mad. When we encounter greatness, we tend to believe they are the ones that are deceiving us, by telling us there is better; but that’s just their opinion right!? How are we going to raise children without hope? How can we look them in the face and sell them a harsh reality that we could have and still can change? So, I don’t know about ya’ll, but I am raising a young lady that will meet a young man that may break her heart, but she will remember the type of world she was taught to live in and remain sweet until the perfect gentleman comes along to replace me. I will show her that she doesn’t have to settle because a great man is a reality, because her God father is one. ~AmazinglyBrash~


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