Forever is never, when you forget your dreams and only remember a harsh reality. Disregarding all of the hugs, the kisses; the meanful “I Love You ‘s”. All because your sunset and you failed to acknowledge that the moon will bring out the stars. Smothering each wish, in hopes you can forgive yourself. You turn off the lights, close your eyes, and listen to your heartbeat; reminded, what it takes to survive. You’re alive!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~ #DreamAwake

Selfish Love

“We have life to be selfish in Love” means, we have a purpose in life, and our building of family and friends takes away from that purpose. But, it also fuels us to assure we leave the world in a better place. God allowed us to fall In-Love because it’s that very selfishness that teaches us to be selfless. When being a part of a village, we understand what kind of Love God has for us. We want the best for them and will die (on the cross) to see them make progress!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~ #DreamAwake

A Response to Bitterness

You share the view of so many- trying to stay in the same place. Our experiences can sometimes make us bitter and nasty; that’s not living- regardless of what someone believes about life. Teachers are here to use wisdom to change the minds of the people living presently. I would never tell someone they’re wrong for not liking the color blue, but someone walking around blue….now that is wrong. If a person witnessed perfection, their perspective is all that truly matters. You may have fallen on hard times, but someone standing will always be your desired destination. They will never need to know what it’s like to fall because they are already where they need to be. Now they are just showing others how to get there and maintain it. ~AmazinglyBrash~ #DreamAwake

Bad Company….

The day could eclipse the night, but so many believe that painful tears are living. Blood coming from their eyes, staying in misguided Love, because they were never taught that our commitment is in the struggle of maintaining our hearts; not perserving hate. Running for the door, being yanked back and thrown to the floor. Devalued by someone that was supposed to increase their interest. Mother telling them to stay, friends saying, “they’re lucky” because they like how he treats them, the Bible enforcing working through this problem because this is the “sickness” part of a healthy marriage. So they stay in all these relationships- killing themselves slowly. Rest In Peace- more lives lost to the loyalty of violence!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~ #DreamAwake

I Accept….

I accept my punishment. I accept what’s to come from being rebellious. Intervening in the name of Love. I hate-hate and those that carry the blackened heart of selfish blood. I have no right to say I am right- spoken by so many justifying doing wrong. Yet, I have the right to say I am wrong….They call this humility. I call it stupidity. Humility agrees with me, saying you’re wrong when you have been proven such. Confidence understands me, saying you’re right when you have walked right. I’m sweetened by the good deeds of people who honor that as their reward. I am touched by the hands of faith, lacking the intellect to remain mute because I don’t share a massive approach. I accept my punishment because the lesson will be learned. We fear what science hasn’t satisfied; kill anyone haunted by spirituality. So fear and kill me because  I accept that as my punishment!!!!

~AmazinglyBrash~ #DreamAwake

Take A Bow Mommy

You pushed and pushed and I came out head first. You educated me to use my brain anytime violent thoughts arised. This mentality graduated me from school instead of the penitentiary. You held me in your arms during my first tears of life- knowing it wouldn’t be the last time I’ll be in pain, yet you fought to limit the tears. You understood development meant selfishness but you showed selflessness. I’ve learned to Love from being Loved. I don’t have many sob stories or painful childhood traumas because your best was good enough. Greatest was shown to me through your motherhood and it’s time to reveal yourself and take a bow. Standing ovation….Happy Mother’s Day. I Love you and promise to honor your work by changing life the way you molded my Life….through Love. Thank you!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~


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