Terrorism is Terrible Period

A bomb goes off, people are running for their lives; at that moment, do you believe they are thinking of race or survival? The ones that survived seen more deaths than most will see in a lifetime. It is sad that Paris is news and other countries losing lives daily aren’t publicized. It isn’t fair, that some people deem some lives less important than others; but people are mourning Loved ones. People have lost those closest to their hearts. I watched all ethnicities crying as one heartbeat because at that very moment they were common in flesh. So take a deep breath, respect the air you’re breathing, and mourn those that don’t have that privilege!!!!

Highlight the injustices, but don’t be unjust to do so….

Why A Village?

The village is a collection of people that are tired of doing it alone; tired of painting independence as freedom, when having reliable people at our sides is “true freedom”.  The whole “Me against the world” mentality is outdated. The whole “Noone can be trusted” is a cop out. People are just too lazy to trim the fat to enjoy the meaty part of life. Focused more on how good they look not “judging” than holding court on who enters and exits our lives. Remember, when surrounded by thieves, you’re more likely to have something stolen, but when surrounded by morally driven people, the debates may hurt but the outcomes will always be worth the words. #TeamVillageForever


I can show passion for sex, doesn’t mean I have passion for the person I have sex with. I can stay in the presence of anyone, doesn’t mean we have a future. I can use spiritual words like respect, acceptance, and loyalty, doesn’t mean I define them the same way as the people I promise them to. But if I truly want Love, I have to set my values so only certain people can afford me. I must be able to communicate the actions I want others to communicate to me. Most of all, I must continue to surround myself around people I can Love that Love’s me, and understands every understanding!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

It’s Expected of Us

Her dimples folded in her face as I stared- yet she’s waiting for me to approach her. I maintain my seat hoping she would have the courage to be the exception to the rule. She continues inviting me in with the subtlety of several glances. I drop my head, turn up my music, and begin writing this passage into my phone. I am tired of the same oh women; I’m handing ya”ll the broom!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

Tri-Angle of Love

I dreamt of you in Love with another man; my heart dropped. I looked at you in the room together smiling, hand and hand, enjoying his company. Then, nothing, you came through the door crying, in pain. I watched you cry over this man and it made my heart shatter. I thought I would be happy, but I knew at this moment, you Loved him, and we have gone. I knew I preferred you smiling, causing me pain, than being in pain yourself. I wondered what happened, so I moved closer to listen; he has been sleeping with your best friend and you have just found out. He’s in Love with her, but you know she must be paying you back because she has always been in Love with me….You broke my heart, he broke yours, she will break his, because we both broke hers….now we are all broken and I wake up!!!!

What can I say that hasn’t already been said? What thought of mine is truly complete when I am competing to be completed? How can I hope for others that lack hope themselves? I see your heart, feel your mind, and understand your future but you can barely be present. In and out of negative thoughts leading to negative actions. Frown on your face like it’s a strength, thinking you’re not hurting anyone but yourself. Smile! It’s okay. Let me in….because I will not accompany you in your misery. Come put your hand on my heart, it beats like yours. We are life….

Come Toward Peace


Thank you for carrying me until I was able to crawl. Thank you for challenging me to walk. Thank you for allowing me to talk. Thank you for teaching me I can be flawed but not stagnant. Thank you for being a teacher of Life. And most of all, thanks for modeling strength, dedication, and resolve….I am blessed to have been birthed by you, so I thank God for who you are. You have always been enough….