Growing Toward Solution

Reach for your success; you will not fail, persistence won’t allow you to. They will point, laugh, and doubt the process, but once it’s processed all the rhetoric will turn into praise. Some will fight the growth by waiting for a hole, but as a whole most will come around. The only force strong enough to stop you is you, but you may have to rely on the kindness of others to be propelled. Believe that your craft is an art. Understand that you can’t die with your gift contended because the world will never witness its transformation. You owe it to the selfless people that nurtured something in you, allowing others to feel natural; comfortable in their skin, happy with their existence, and granted the power of empowerment. Why hold back? Introduce yourself to the world. Even if it you kills you, your death will keep you alive!!!!~AmazinglyBrash~     #DreamAwake

Why Love stood up

When I fall In-Love, I see the attributes of a person that I can pour my heart into. I look at the qualities they have that will maintain my heart. I see the brightness of a future that will never dim and I close my eyes and follow the feeling of that warmth because I know it will never burn me. I have faith that I put myself in the hands of someone that I know will reconfirm that I Love myself.

For You, the feeling is something you chase, connecting with anyone that makes your heart skip regardless if you are certain whether they will catch you if you jump. You wonder more than are certain, curious more than know, and want to be with someone whom you can repair more than is repaired. You believe Love is drama over a set of actions that allow you to sleep through the night, so you let go of the person you had to work with to go after the person you have to constantly work for…. ~AmazinglyBrash~

Showering in Purity

Rain is hitting the pavement as I look up, showering my soul with the purest water to wash away all the dirty feelings of pain. I open my mouth hoping a few drops will be enough to cleanse my heart of heartless thoughts. I cry, mixing my sorrow with the smiles of a new. I watch a plant grow from the concrete, realizing nothing can stop progression. I was promoted by a higher purpose to suck all the disbelief from others, replacing it with faith. Love pollutes my words to act as a reminder to remain positive in a storm that dampens plans to ride off in the sunset. It isn’t  dreaming when it could be produced; it isn’t hoping when it’s been done before. Head high, I slip on doubters, bracing my fall with my ability to comprise proof. Love is real…. ~AmazinglyBrash~ #DreamAwake

We’re Forgotten

Last night you cried on my lap, telling me you were forever mine. Today you have left me forever. Tomorrow I won’t remember who we were because we both are living Love separately. Yesterday I was everything you lived for, now I am not worth dying for. When I awaken we will be a dream that I have forgotten. In the past we were Love, presently we are dissolving,  and our future is gone!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

Happiness is Heaven

People spend more time soul searching than serving their soul; thinking of what would make others happy than to fight for their happiness. Falling In-Love with moments as opposed to giving their moments to Love. Breathing fresh air just to pollute it with the thoughts of past rejections and hurt. We don’t live an ounce of our existence because we are too busy worrying about becoming extinct. We’re afraid of happiness, so we are ultimately searching for misery because happiness seems like Hell!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

Happy New Year Best Friend

Ms. 30, the years have flown past and you still land safely in my heart daily. We have been through a decade of growth; you’ve established a way I can serve my purpos
e and maintain my connections. From the first time I seen you I knew that we would navigate through this Life together. You’re my best friend, with you everything is possible. Happy New Year to my left hand, my manager, my all-purpose woman. Always understand your worth because you’re  valued at exceptional. Keep striving for greatness because it is destined in you. “I Love You”.  We celebrate you today. Relax, anything you want, just ask.


P.S. I’m scared I am going crazy with that last statement, but it’s written so therefore it’s law-binding!!!!

We Celebrate You “DR. KING”

Dr. Martin Luther King is an example of how “one” can lead many. He’s a sample of several people that die to improve the quality of the living. Though his birthday was January 15th, as a nation we celebrate his greatness today. Dr. King wasn’t afraid to encourage others to conform to his views. He challenged us to stand up when we were getting pushed down. He organized thousands to march in one ideal, equality. He is honored for his peaceful protests against the violence of racism. We are closer to harmony because one man was courageous enough to bite a bullet, giving us a shot at unity!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~


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