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Betting Your Life

Sex sells but does it have a refund? Can you return it if it happens to go wrong? You see women walking down the street ass half out, first thought isn’t Love nor marriage, but you may get a baby carriage; fathering a baby from lust, supporting a child out of obligation or paying child […]

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We’re Out Of Shape

We are so out of shape yet somehow we’re running faster than sitting. We try to solve problems in our heads that take two to solve. We eliminate choice by deciding for everyone. We have these negative thoughts, so for years we miss out on Love. When we are In-Love we stop nurturing what allowed […]

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Happiness is Heaven

People spend more time soul searching than serving their soul; thinking of what would make others happy than to fight for their happiness. Falling In-Love with moments as opposed to giving their moments to Love. Breathing fresh air just to pollute it with the thoughts of past rejections and hurt. We don’t live an ounce […]

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Killing Myself

I’ve danced many of nights with my eyes closed, smelling your hair while your head was rested on my shoulders. I’ve wiped the cry from your eyes by making you laugh. I have been the voice that reasoned out your unreasonable actions. I’ve held your body against mine in the snow, producing sweat from the […]

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Are We At Risk

We risk more for security than we do for certainty. We risk more for comfort than we do Love. We risk more to stay alive than to live. We risk nothing, and think we will get something in return. We risk everything on nothing, thinking we will one day get a return. We risk God, […]

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Mentality Upgraded

When I tell these young cats to go to school they say, “Dog, shut the fuck up teacher,” but when they find out I went toe to toe and knocked everyone I faced off their feet, they open their ears to hear me preach. Why do they have to wait to see I am a […]

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I am not going to waste my ink trying to enlighten a room full of people who are unknown to who I am; black complexioned, big lipped, brown eyes, 6’1 man from Spanish Harlem. Birthed to a black 5 ft” 20 year old woman with a two-year old son, and a father that spoke the […]

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