Choose Your Surrounding Wisely

The seed will be planted by someone claiming to be close, but you are just an enemy that they are playing close. They pretend someone is out to get you and they are saving your life, but actually they are planning your death. Why? Just because they can; they get pleasure from watching others get tangled in their deceit. They are addicts of power. What would make them powerless is sitting down and communicating with your so called enemies, eliminating the neutral third party-neutralizing the problem, and possibly realizing y’all aren’t enemies at all. The threat is in your ear….

He Needs to Step Up

Homeboy told me he only likes women who likes him, yet he speaks of a women he can marry but won’t push up….sounds like low self-esteem to me. Put your heart on the line and risk failing the test- it’s  the greatest success. If she says yes, you have a wife….if she says no, man up and be her friend- because if you fell for her, she is worth being in your life forever….win-win homeboy….do it!!!!

Me or It….

She dreamt of a miracle, and went searching for it in the arms of a man. A gift was left; she discovered it once her blood didn’t flow. First feeling was excitement, believing that he would feel the same. As she brought the news to him, she seen a “for sale” sign on his face; her excitement instantly turned to disappointment. An ultimatum was given; me or it? She chose to throw away the gift to keep Santa; she didn’t know the miracle was opening the gift!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

Get Out Of Your Own Way

Why should I be saddened by your pain when your mentality is sad? You cost yourself happiness because you’re too stubborn to change. You cry out, but the tears will outlast the help. No one can save you from shooting yourself, unless they cut your arms off. Your suicidal malfunctions have people worried around the clock; it is time for you to be worried about others. Your life can increase in value, if you start truly cleaning it up. Begin by sweeping away the thoughts of a changed past, and focus on using the present to shine in the future. Dust yourself off; no more pity by committee; think accomplishment, and you will be accomplished!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~


I looked two women in the eyes- one 47, and the other 42. As they stared back, I told them to open their minds, then their hearts, and then their mouths. I said, “Others shouldn’t ¬†expect nothing less or nothing more. We should never trap ourselves in our skins, when we can be free in spirit. A person who truly Loves us, would never ask us shrink our voice to spare their feelings. They will only silence us to teach us”…. They were speechless but were given volume!!!!

Do We Really Want The Truth????

People don’t want to be rude, so they politely talk behind your back.

People don’t want to hurt your feelings, so they cheat “so they don’t break your heart”.

People say hello, but can careless about saying goodbye.

There isn’t anything wrong with this picture, not at all?

People walk with snakes to keep an eye on them, when they can walk with penguins.

People will hang with a circle of addictions before one square.

People support dishonesty by telling honesty they are holding a grudge.

People will read this and see everyone else and not themselves….

What Are We Afraid Of????

We risk more for security than we do for certainty. We risk more for comfort than we do Love. We risk more to stay alive than to live. We risk nothing, and think we will get something in return. We risk everything on nothing, thinking we will one day get a return. We risk God, hiding behind worship. We risk relationships to prove we are independent. We risk sanity just to acquire financial gain. We risk our “haves” for wants, and at the end we aren’t risking, we are dying, suffocating ourselves in fear!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~