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Men Stand Up

When you are tired of thuggin- come see me homeboy. When you take pride in taking care of your family over running into different homes, I will salute you. Homeboy, being a man isn’t about collecting bodies….it’s about being somebody. It’s about showing boys what it takes to be a man. Fight for growth, don’t […]

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People Want Politicians

People don’t want friends, they want politicians. They want people to tell them their wrong will just be alright, someone to agree when they truly don’t, someone that will stroke their ego as opposed to strengthening their heart. They want lies in hopes they will eventually come true, not truths that will eventually just lie. […]

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Reason and Evidence

Once someone mentions “My Opinion” in a logical discussion, emotions have just entered the conversation.  They are getting defensive and closing up. If you continue, you run the risk of being labeled a “bully” forcing your views on them. P.S. It started as an equal exchange of information, and now there’s a victim….Passive-Aggressiveness kills me!!!! […]

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My Anger isn’t Yours

You don’t deserve my anger; not because I shouldn’t curse you out nor punch you in the face, but because you aren’t worth me assassinating my character so you can be validated in yours. Coming out my skin won’t change you,  only lessen me. You aren’t deserving of my anger. You aren’t someone I care […]

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I Am Disloyal

People have told me they Loved me, but never truly wanted to know me. They liked how much I knew them. Actually, they hated how much I knew them, pushing me away yet pulling me closer. They never looked at the world from my eyes, like I did from theirs. They seen what they wanted […]

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I Am Passionate

My voice tone grows deeper in passion when I see someone I Love sell their days short; my inspiration lengthens. When I care, I’m not careful. I go as hard as my heart can take me, giving my all to ensure happiness isn’t just mine but ours. When they fight me, I fight for them. […]

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Time to Act

Time watches us shorthand most people we encounter, clocking everything they do while sitting still like we are saving the light of day. Wishing we can push an hour back, yet wasting a moment by allowing an hour to pass. The tocks continue to tick the minute we second guess our plans. We plant the […]

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