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Honesty Is

July 22, 2014

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I am not judgmental when I say you’re assertive, But I am when I call you lazy. I am telling the truth when I say you are pretty, But I am lying when I call you ugly. I’m right for saying you’re right, But wrong for saying you’re wrong. I have integrity when I stand […]

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Taming the Beast

July 20, 2014


I was born a shepherd, but was bit by a wolf. My environment has shaped me into a beast; kind at heart with a vicious mind. When attacked, the full moon hits; I begin to fight every urge not to transform into a “revenge seeking stalker”, decapitating everything I stand for. My goal is to […]

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Get Out of Your Own Way

July 16, 2014


Why should I be saddened by your pain, when your mentality is sad. You cost yourself happiness because you’re too stubborn to change. You cry out, but the tears will outlast the help. No one can save you from shooting yourself, unless they cut your arms off. Your suicidal malfunctions have people worried around the […]

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A Boy and His Innocence

July 14, 2014

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We strip a boy of his innocence by feeding him the responsibilities of being a man. What is being a man? Is it sports over dance? Is it lust over love? Or is it taking care of the finances of the house, while lying to the hearts in the home? Being a man is taking […]

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What’s Your Own Opinion

July 11, 2014


Is it me, or is this “Everyone has their own opinion” thing getting out of hand?! What opinions are ours?  What have we truly not inherited from the world in some form or fashion?  What is education if we can eliminate fact or deducted reasoning once it goes against our wants? Yesterday I asked a […]

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Creating Wonderland

July 10, 2014


Her story started with being born to a father that would believe she’s his wife. Her purity was diluted at a young age; she never seen the possibility of Heaven because she was birthed in Hell. Her voice became trapped in her body; being casted as shy, she was shunned. One day a discovery was […]

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July 8, 2014


I lose my breath talking to you, and the first words out of your mouth are “Can you let me breathe?”….I am supposed to have faith in your inactivity, yet continue to allow you to doubt my activity. When distance was extended, you always intended to get closer. We all know my circle is tight […]

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