Woman’s Group….

I have several verbal and written commitments to join  the Women’s Group I am trying to start…. It should be interesting. Different ages, backgrounds, and life philosophies- but all looking to enhance their perspective, coming to the understanding that it may take a village!!!!

It Rained For Three Days

It rained for three days; the death in her eyes, stopped my heart and wandered my mind. The wetness of those days haunts my footsteps. I stood still, frightened to fight for forgiveness- choosing regret, as opposed to humility. Water begins to absorb into my cheeks, feeling sorry for what I did-realizing I didn’t know how to apologize, telling my story, stealing pity from others who actually tried. People don’t see me, they see a portfolio of I, trapped in a moment in time where I chose to justify Love as an injustice, so I can feel just in hate. Feet moving forward, neck looking back- contradicting my faith with a sinful act; forever torn at the torso. It rained until I drowned in a river of selfishness. My last deep breath was strong enough to say “I’m Sorry”!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

Expression Must Be Expressed….

Woke up; eyes blood shot- the ideas running through my head made it impossible to sleep. Aching head- I walked to the desktop, opened my word document and began poking the keys. Words just poured out of my brain like blood in a surgery. The passion for clarity prevented me from resting when so many can’t, because the pain is too intense. Sentences turned to paragraphs and paragraphs into pages. Authoring change takes structure, the contradiction that Love is based on. My eye lids begin to play curtains, dimming the lights of an early sunrise due to daylight savings. I Look at the screen, my words are becoming senseless, makes no sense to continue. Power off!!!!

Honor Your Commitments….

LOYALTY is a devotion to honor a commitment or agreement; when that is broken, it’s called disloyality….Yes, People will be mad. And No, They aren’t trying to control you when they distance themselves. They are exercising their right to remove themselves from a harmful relationship. Yes, people make mistakes, but people shouldn’t justify choices as mistakes. A person’s word should be honored in their actions. Period….

Happy New Year, Vulnerability Should Be Enough

I allow my shortcomings to be visual. I stutter when I read and speak aloud. I write so fast, that I miss words, misspell, or miss suffixes and prefixes. I correct my mistakes openly, but there is still doubt about my intentions to improve. I apologize for misspeaking, misstepping, and mishearing, yet I am still misunderstood. I allow my dreams of transparency and Love be known, yet I am being asked to keep secrets and hated by most encounters. They ask me to change my approach to fit a broken society. I’m antisocial because I prefer to be genuine as oppose to nice, straightforward as  oppose to cordial, and blunt as  oppose to a weed. Positive Change will only occur through discomfort until true positivity is comfortable. I am afraid too, but I am more frightened to live life with no meaning….So I pursue purpose….

Nothing Will Stop Progress

Close your eyes and picture the life you want. Now open them and go after that life. It may take eliminating some and adding others. It may take a personality change, or an environment move. It will definitely  take courage! People will sit idle and pick your actions apart; but while they sit there wishing they can do what you are doing, you will use their criticism as fuel to succeed. When you are living your dream, thank them for the added motivation and relax in the happiness of your achievements….

Take the Lead….

You can’t change the world being unsure about the words that leave your lips. You shouldn’t drop your head because others are intimidated by you staring them in the face. Your truths should always be spoken and challenge others to prove you wrong; don’t speak half sentences just so others can run on. It’s your time period- Be confident in your faith because one person can change the world….Leadership multiples through millions. Start Now!!!!