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An Epiphany!!!!

April 12, 2014


As an adolescent, I defended verbal assaults with my fists; people said I needed to use my words. As a teen, I used my words to defend myself; people said I needed to learn when to speak. As an adult, when people disrespect me, I stop speaking to them; people say I am too harsh. […]

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Embrace Your Haves

March 27, 2014


Fixated on your failures, you don`t see you have succeeded.  Too many have forfeited the life you won by chasing stability in something as unstable as money. You have family and friends that enhance the spirit of your life, yet you look outside of yourself hoping to be those who have no clue of who […]

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Not an Option….

March 25, 2014

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We all understand that the world is closing in on you, but the only way to open it is to seek help. Allow people to talk you through negative thoughts and introduce you into positive living. The path you’re going down is a cry for help, but it will bring more tears. We understand you […]

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Weigh Your Decision

March 16, 2014


She aborted her future because she wanted so bad to remain in the present.  Was told her life would be ruined, but so many give birth and their lives are replenished. She walked out the room, looked back, and realized she can’t turn around. Ten years later, she wanted children but her husband walked out […]

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Honesty is…

March 9, 2014

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I am not judgmental when I say you’re assertive, but I am when I call you lazy. I am telling the truth when I say you are pretty, but I am lying when I call you ugly. I’m right for saying you’re right, but wrong for saying you’re wrong. I have integrity when I stand […]

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Unconscious Conscienceness

February 23, 2014


My thoughts are racing in and out of progression. I am being pulled in several directions. I’m known for thinking in a straight line, but today I am swerving. How do I share my thoughts in a way that inspires the world without losing myself in the inspiration? How can the harsh reality not be […]

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True Friendship….

February 22, 2014

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Confidence comes from understanding your truths….The only people that put you down are those giving you a false sense of security….Keep people around you that are willing to break you down, if it means building you back up stronger….Once you are comfortable with your truths, you will feel comfortable telling other people theirs, and only […]

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It’s not the struggle that brings us down, but the fear that dwells in our hearts and destroys our dreams

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