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Honesty Is

I am not judgmental when I say you’re assertive, But I am when I call you lazy. I am telling the truth when I say you are pretty, But I am lying when I call you ugly. I’m right for saying you’re right, But wrong for saying you’re wrong. I have integrity when I stand […]

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Don’t Miss the Train….

I just missed the train; watching it pull away reminds me how slim of a chance, “a chance”, can be. Not raising your hand when you can change minds; not exploring the mind that catches your eyes; allowing pride to prevent a relationship that has been a promotion. Fearing success; passing the ball when you […]

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Worship Me

My aim in life is to create as many clones of myself as possible! I want the world to mirror me from head to toe. I want them to walk as I walk, talk as I talk, even think as I think. Any person whom doesn’t conform to these demands, will be punished with space; […]

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Emotionally Intelligent

When we divide “Love”, how are we supposed to use it to come together? In studying emotions, I found that people are more inclined to make their emotions specific than to acknowledge that though the experiences are specific, the actual emotions aren’t. We all experience the same signs and symptoms, that is how we are […]

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Addicts Love One Thing….

He sipped on the intoxication of his cup. Placed it down on the table, looked her in the eyes, and said “I Love You.” She said, “If you Love me, your lips wouldn’t taste like alcohol. I would taste the passion of a dedicated husband. Instead, you fill your body with an escape. What are […]

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Bad Company….

The day could eclipse the night, but so many believe that painful tears are living. Blood coming from their eyes, staying in misguided Love, because they were never taught that our commitment is in the struggle of maintaining our hearts; not perserving hate. Running for the door, being yanked back and thrown to the floor. […]

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We’re surrounded by fake; doesn’t mean we have to surrender to it. We don’t have to laugh nor smile to give anyone comfort in their skin. We don’t have to keep our thoughts to ourselves because they oppose the posers. The truth is, we aren’t all friends, nor do we have to be. Unity is […]

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