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I Woke up Like This

Another early start, waking up to add some words to my life story. Highlighting every joyful moment in the past so I can duplicate the emotion over and over again. Deleting the mistakes of yesterday, writing in the corrections today, so tomorrow is perfected. I will be unafraid to Love yet fear hate. I’ll dream […]

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Like Minds

A coworker and I were having a discussion about settling and she said “nobody is perfect”, I told her “I rather be around the A students of life than the B, C, D, and F”…. We aren’t talking about perfection,  we are talking about maintaining a standard of excellence!!!!

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Sweep Me

Her dimples folded in her face as I stared, yet she’s waiting for me to approach her. I maintain my seat hoping she would have the courage to be the exception to the rule. She continues inviting me in with the subtlety of several glances. I drop my head, turn up my music, and begin […]

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Think First

Homeboy, I don’t want your woman, just like you don’t want me, though you’re grilling me with such intimacy. I just looked her way as an observation of my surroundings. You caught her smiling, and that’s my fault? You need to reevaluate your position. If I did want her, do I know you enough to […]

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Was it Me????

Forgive me for forgiving you, but not allowing you back in my circle because you’re a square or better yet a rectangle destroying everything that others, not you, have worked so hard to build. Pity me, for having the standard to stand up when so many have cut me at the knees. Condemn me, because […]

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Influential Differential

There are two forms of influence; good and bad. Our society continues to misconstrue bad influence as good. Someone that is a bad influence is more understanding and accepting of every short coming. They’re in the business of building fancy looking buildings on unstable foundations. They will say things like, “People aren’t perfect” and “It’s […]

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No Longer

No longer longing, I have shortened my beats, listening to the sounds of my blood circulating through my body failing to enter my mind. I set my thoughts forward faithful that success will be mine.  A minor injury will surely recover, yet in the scar, I discovered that I can Love even through the disinfecting […]

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crippledbypain's Blog

This blog is about my life. Its about heartbreak and the agony of life. About how each day is a battle, for those of us who know whats its like to be too young and too damaged.

Failed Thoughts

Meaningless Thoughts Of A Failed Man

Asali the Kenyan blogger

The most beautiful thing you can be is yourself


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