A Mentality Taken Hostage


Walking, talking, thinking, and feeling; living life before life stops living. Taking in the fresh air; lungs filled with wasted emotions, heart beating with emotions that have been wasted. Mentality held hostage by the past, threatening to murder the future. Hands up telling whoever will listen. How meaningless loving our fellow man is; convincing them that every man should be for themselves. “Think for yourself”; don’t allow anyone to teach you, you’re educated enough. Being one tracked, accepting “to each his own”. Promote freedom of speech to those too misguided to use their speech to be free. Selling hurt, buying pain, defending the defensive; calling everyone gullible that offensively opens their heart. Laughing at couples like you have the upper hand being single. Greatest accomplishment was doing it all alone, dying in a casket with no witness….Life stopped living before life was truly lived. Sad!!!!



Just Saying

Smart people don’t know it all, but they know more than most. The ones that attempt to educate you, listen. They are truly fighting to make you their equal, not trying to control how you think. Truly opening your mind is understanding our opinions are also shaped by our lack of knowledge!!!!


Like Minds

A coworker and I were having a discussion about settling and she said “nobody is perfect”, I told her “I rather be around the A students of life than the B, C, D, and F”…. We aren’t talking about perfection,  we are talking about maintaining a standard of excellence!!!!