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Think About It….

The best woman on Earth couldn’t keep a man from cheating; he has to morally and logically believe in faithfulness. There isn’t a man on Earth that can satisfy a woman; she has to be satisfied with that man. He can be great in bed, she can get the best head, and both minds will […]

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Playing the Villain

I was told not to ask a question that I already know the answer to, so I tell people my answer and they are upset I didn’t question them first; and I’m cocky? They tell me not to say what’s on my mind, yet they claim to mind the lie; and I’m controlling? They turn […]

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Good Looks are a novelty, just like being born with athletic gifts or brilliance(genius). It’s an advantage and it should be. When a good looking person walks through a door, it’s like witnessing  a great dunk or reading a quote that will never leave your brain. You will have “the average” that will say “Beauty […]

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“How it is Said”

The “how it is said”, is a method that works when you are a politician.  A friend listens to the intention of your words. Whether you say they look fat in that dress or that dress doesn’t fit your curves, they should understand that you disapprove of them wearing that dress. Communication is important, so […]

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The New Bullies

The new bullies are “victims”. They base your whole relationship around what you can’t or can say to spare their feelings. They say whatever they want to you because you can take it. “I am just being honest,” but the moment you’re “just being honest”, they close up and emotionally blackmail you by stripping away […]

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Betting Your Life

Sex sells but does it have a refund? Can you return it if it happens to go wrong? You see women walking down the street ass half out, first thought isn’t Love nor marriage, but you may get a baby carriage; fathering a baby from lust, supporting a child out of obligation or paying child […]

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We’re Out Of Shape

We are so out of shape yet somehow we’re running faster than sitting. We try to solve problems in our heads that take two to solve. We eliminate choice by deciding for everyone. We have these negative thoughts, so for years we miss out on Love. When we are In-Love we stop nurturing what allowed […]

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