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United By Hate

Pain runs down my cheek and forms bloody streams that flow into a river of lies, doubt, and uncertainty. I close my eyes and dream of truth, love, and purpose. I became an Idealist continuously preaching self-discovery. As I blink, I realize I am being pulled into a selfish reality that puts black against white, […]

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I Look Ahead….

Falling short is something I do daily, yet I continue reaching to stand tall by the end of the night. I look people in the eyes and see miracles by challenging them to have faith in logic before envisioning what’s beyond us. When I witness complacency, my first thought is to replace it with the […]

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When you have to remind someone that love exist, the only time they will believe, is in your absence. A pessimist drains a person of their juice and leaves the core! Painful experiences are used to gain faith in not having faith, and what was once alive, is now haunting them! They went from advocating […]

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Every Life is Counted

We’re crumbs crumbling in silence, hoping to be heard around the world. Looking to please in pleasure, but falling short of every heart; not seeing the millions saved, but the one lost. Questioning being heroic when there are still villains among us. Contemplating retirement in an endless job, we go in labor preserving birth. Tears […]

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We Must Believe in Love to Acquire it….

We walked down the street, got to the corner, and you chose to turn left because I  wasn’t right. We walked in separate directions when we could have went straight ahead together. I walked four more steps and looked back, thinking about rewinding, but you never looked back. Last memories of you was a vague […]

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Venting isn’t Acting

I watched a white police officer choke a black man to death and get off….I watched black men kill black men all the time and seen them on the block the next day. The justice system is an unjust system, but a neighborhood divided will never get justice as long as we use that same […]

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Reaction to the Verdict

So the verdict was read and protesters started to roit….they burned down buildings, shot at police, and beat other human beings because they didn’t like the outcome. Doesn’t that reinforce the outcome? Doesn’t it say that our culture would rather unite in violence than in peace? More violence doesn’t improve our system, it just puts […]

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