My Testimony….

I cry to stay alive, I laugh at death. I am a true believer in believing. A true seeker of the truth. I have lied to myself so many times but those lies became honesty, because I dreamt a reality before it was transformed. People questioned my convictions, accused me of crimes, put me on trial….I was jailed. A prisoner of faith. I stand in front of you all a free man, talking to all of you at this moment is why I cried and laughed. I believed I would affect lives, though life tried to infect me. I am living my dream….

Love is Daily

When you see the greatness of the land, you plant seeds to start seeing that greatness grow….When you have faith in the future, the present is all you have to display that faith….When you dedicate your life to Love, you only want those dedicated to Love in your life….

Correct the Wrong, Support the Right

My Daughter is taught to articulate her thoughts and emotions with clarity. She does this better than most adults.
So, one day in school one of her classmates told the teacher Camille closed her hand in a book. When asked about it, Camille said, “She is lying, I didn’t close her hand in a book”. The teacher said to Camille, “Don’t call her a liar”. Camille said ” I said she was lying, I didn’t call her a liar because there is a big difference.
Camille added,  “She just lied on me, but she doesn’t liar most of the time, so she isn’t a liar.” The teacher just said “Whatever”…. the teacher calls Jerri as if Camille was being disrespectful. But, Jerri said “I agree with Camille’s definition and we support her clarifying her actions. The teacher rather break Camille’s spirit, then forfeit her ego.

Coloring and Molding

If my art crafts a world that can function in peace, then people can make billions off my words and I would still share the wealth. If my consistency is maintained and my faith is never broken, I will continue to persist as a constituent. My mind belongs to the world and my heart is devoted to the Heavens. Hell, my mind and heart is dedicated to making this world Heaven. The endless work of repairing can cause a person to break down, but the satisfaction of seeing someone repaired always builds me back up. I am educated enough to articulate my thoughts, and heartfelt enough to take action; I am a force to be reckoned with, yet I don’t use it recklessly. I enjoy seeing others truly live. I Love challenging people to live truthfully. Some believe it’s not my place, but I remind them I pay rent like everybody else. I will speak when others remain speechless. I will act while others continue to be actors. I just want to heal by killing killing. Remember, we are human beings, and survival takes being humane; so when my craft is reality, it will be a work of art!!!!

Sorrows are Temporary….

Rain is hitting the pavement as I look up, showering my soul with the purest water to wash away all the dirty feelings of pain. I open my mouth hoping a few drops will be enough to cleanse my heart of heartless thoughts. I cry, mixing my sorrow with the smiles of a new. I watch a plant grow from the concrete, realizing nothing can stop progression. I was promoted by a higher purpose to suck all the disbelief from others, replacing it with faith. Love pollutes my words to act as a reminder to remain positive in a storm that dampens plans to ride off in the sunset. It isn’t  dreaming when it could be produced; it isn’t hoping when it’s been done before. Head high, I slip on doubters, bracing my fall with my ability to comprise proof. Love is real…. ~AmazinglyBrash~ #DreamAwake

Take Account….

I know sex sells and violence is acceptable. I know knowledge forfeits your connection to the masses. Yet, I speak. I pick the locks of closed ears. Knock down the doors of locked minds. I navigate lost souls. I’m the condom of sexual activity. The safety on a gun. I’m pause before you press play. Yes, you made a conscious decision; so, be accountable for your actions. The pills you have to pop for your  terminal illness wasn’t God, it was freewill. The 25 years, wasn’t the devil, it was you being willing to take someone else’s freedom. So stop making excuses for coloring out the lines and expecting to be treated differently than those coloring within them!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

I Must Continue….

I know that great honesty and Loving relationships will lead to world peace. I know world peace will take everyone believing in the same virtues, yet playing different roles. I know I am fighting an endless war, battling daily for people to see how important unity is. But, I also know I must continue because I look in my God daughter’s eyes knowing I can’t say I Love her if I quit dedicating my life to leave her a better existence!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~