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July 24, 2014


Why are we talking about what the president isn’t doing when we can’t even keep gum wrappers off the ground on our blocks….We must do our part, or he can’t  do his. Quick to say, “nobody is “Jesus””, but wants “the man” to perform miracles!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

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July 23, 2014


Love has no place for inconsistency,  it homes dependability. If you can see them with your eyes close than you will never relax in their presence. Wait patiently for the prefect team and mate with them for life!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

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A Second Earlier….

July 23, 2014


I just missed the train; watching it pull away reminds me how slim of a chance, “a chance”, can be. Not raising your hand when you can change minds; not exploring the mind that catches your eyes; allowing pride to prevent a relationship that has been a promotion. Fearing success; passing the ball when you […]

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Feeling the Hole

July 21, 2014


I cry the tears that you’re to prideful to release. Your heartbeat isn’t as strong as it was yesterday. Nothing I can say can bring them back, but I continue to speak because YOU still have hope. We’re born separate for a reason; when one is gone, the other can remember them by living. Let’s […]

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Restoring Love….

July 17, 2014


My coworker and I were having a discussion about her past relationships, and I asked her “Do you think you lost hope over time?” She said, “No.” Now, she isn’t the “Men ain’t shit woman”, nor is she the “All men cheat woman”, but she can be emotionally unavailable and guarded, so she’s the “You […]

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The Jokes on You

July 15, 2014


They laughed at my faith! As I spoke of the spirit, all they seen was flesh, telling me how much I’ll get hurt. Their speech is of pain. They too, were once believers, feeling the innocence of two hearts binding, blocking out the world, and creating one for themselves. Slowly their hearts stopped beating and […]

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Would We Believe

July 13, 2014


If God came to Earth, would we believe? Would he have to perform miracles? Or, would he just have to walk the path? How long would it take for someone to believe its God? Well, I bet my life that people would have to see a miracle to believe that it’s God; just walking the […]

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