This Isn’t For You to Read

I knew you would open this anyway. I knew you would be more interested in my “secrets” than my “truths”. What do you want to know? Would you believe me or would you need proof? I have sinned. I hung a man, from a roof, by his feet. I thought respect was best served through violence. I was a product of an environment which reinforced that very theory.  NOW, a loaded gun, is placed, to my head- trigger pulled, then jammed. I survived. I looked in that man’s eyes. He was so scared- He had the right to be. Death resonated in my eyes. He knew, yet I didn’t. A feeling grabbed me and I allowed him to walk. Somehow, this was the payment for a multitude of wrongs. I accepted. I was saved. No rage, just the simplicity of understanding. I was challenged, “You’re able to build one hundred murderers, but are you able to match that total in Saints?”

If you are reading this, I want to add you to my total, because I accepted!!!!


Forever is never, when you forget your dreams and only remember a harsh reality. Disregarding all of the hugs, the kisses; the meanful “I Love You ‘s”. All because your sunset and you failed to acknowledge that the moon will bring out the stars. Smothering each wish, in hopes you can forgive yourself. You turn off the lights, close your eyes, and listen to your heartbeat; reminded, what it takes to survive. You’re alive!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~ #DreamAwake

Selfish Love

“We have life to be selfish in Love” means, we have a purpose in life, and our building of family and friends takes away from that purpose. But, it also fuels us to assure we leave the world in a better place. God allowed us to fall In-Love because it’s that very selfishness that teaches us to be selfless. When being a part of a village, we understand what kind of Love God has for us. We want the best for them and will die (on the cross) to see them make progress!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~ #DreamAwake

I Accept….

I accept my punishment. I accept what’s to come from being rebellious. Intervening in the name of Love. I hate-hate and those that carry the blackened heart of selfish blood. I have no right to say I am right- spoken by so many justifying doing wrong. Yet, I have the right to say I am wrong….They call this humility. I call it stupidity. Humility agrees with me, saying you’re wrong when you have been proven such. Confidence understands me, saying you’re right when you have walked right. I’m sweetened by the good deeds of people who honor that as their reward. I am touched by the hands of faith, lacking the intellect to remain mute because I don’t share a massive approach. I accept my punishment because the lesson will be learned. We fear what science hasn’t satisfied; kill anyone haunted by spirituality. So fear and kill me because  I accept that as my punishment!!!!

~AmazinglyBrash~ #DreamAwake

Elusive Her

This woman. I’ve dreamt of your dedication, wished for your devotion, walked into several clones whom were unable to duplicate the fantasty of a reality I’ve hoped. My heart stumbled and stalled in thought of her using my life support as a pace-maker. I deserve her as happiness, but I chose purpose, so my travel is singular in front- Leading!!!!~AmazinglyBrash~

Will You????

Will you give me a year of your life? Truly trusting another human being to strengthen the humanity in you? Surrendering to the idea that another person can challenge greatness in you? Honestly devoting every waking day to constructing a mirror image of what you look in the mirror and imagine? Would you be able to let go and trust the process? Speaking about every fear, then investing in facing them? Opening up to the possibility of “peace” by connecting your mind to your heart? Dedicating hours to explore emotions and placing them in their proper place? Smiling when something delights you, frowning when someone disgusts you, and being present when enjoying someone’s presence? Understanding yourself to the point that you can start to empathize with those around you? Do you believe that someone can endure all your demons? Listening to the ideas that swim around in your head but remaining sure ya’ll bring them to shore? Can you sit on the passenger side lesson after lesson until you are able to drive? Will you give me a year of your life to enhance the days you have left???? ~AmazinglyBrash~ #DreamAwake

Being Honest

My honesty has kept me out of drama but in infinite heartbreak. I’m forced to walk away from so many people because I always choose principles over the students. I Love my standard of living, yet I never understand why so many choose to live otherwise. God gives us choice because God doesn’t want anyone to feel forced to strive for perfection. I model that image; so I empathize with God, having to watch the devil play with so many of his/her children. I am forced to watch people I Love go down roads instead of going up hills. I sit back and wait for them to become ready to surround themselves with honest Love!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~ #DreamAwake