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Will You????

Will you give me a year of your life? Truly trusting another human being to strengthen the humanity in you? Surrendering to the idea that another person can challenge greatness in you? Honestly devoting every waking day to constructing a mirror image of what you look in the mirror and imagine? Would you be able […]

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Being Honest

My honesty has kept me out of drama but in infinite heartbreak. I’m forced to walk away from so many people because I always choose principles over the students. I Love my standard of living, yet I never understand why so many choose to live otherwise. God gives us choice because God doesn’t want anyone […]

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A Cause Can Effect

My thoughts encourage others to have the courage to act. The man with the gun in his hand shouldn’t have all the power; I’ll die to inspire others to be inspirational. From one leader to another, move your movement in the right direction because there’s too much traffic in negativity. I am positive the roads […]

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Fighting to the End

I know that great honesty and Loving relationships will lead to world peace. I know world peace will take everyone believing in the same virtues, yet playing different roles. I know I am fighting an endless war, battling daily for people to see how important unity is. But, I also know I must continue because […]

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Coloring and Molding

If my art crafts a world that can function in peace, then people can make billions off my words and I would still share the wealth. If my consistency is maintained and my faith is never broken, I will continue to persist as a constituent. My mind belongs to the world and my heart is […]

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Everyone Wants Understanding

I am not heartless, I am just progressive. I am not unreasonable, I just refuse to be reasonable with unreasonable people. It’s difficult to relate to me because I’d rather save my breath for large discussions, when most small talk. Wisdom is a curse that only can be broken by people who are willing to […]

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Morally Bankrupt

A person that works towards his/her best needs no forgiveness, because they see the pain of flaw in hopes to erase it from humanity’s description. A person that drinks a bottle daily relies on intoxication to commit a multitude of betrayals, scapegoating all his/her indecretions as a disease. Yet, we treat them with care, using […]

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