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Leaders can’t come to the table with opinions; they must have food for thought based on the facts. We must send “the people” we influence out the door equipt to exercise their freedom of speech, while using their words to encourage freedom through speech; inspiring others to voice opinions which effectively reflect knowledge, not blind […]

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Maintain Love

Remember, Love is a faith that measures our ability to do what’s right, not just for us but for those around us. We have to maintain a mentality that reflects our heart regardless of the blackness we may encounter. We must count the steps until we reach the destination that will house our integrity. Once […]

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I was a cry baby growing up because I lacked the proper skill to express my emotions. I was violent as a teen because I believed it was the only way to truly gain respect. I cut school because I felt education wouldn’t pay my bills like blood money would. I was selfish, thinking about […]

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Don’t Use Forgiveness as an Excuse

A person that works towards his/her best needs no forgiveness, because they see the pain of flaw in hopes to erase it from humanity’s description. A person that drinks a bottle daily relies on intoxication to commit a multitude of betrayals, scapegoating all his/her indecretions as a disease. Yet, we treat them with care, using […]

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Independent Thinking

Independence. Why do so many want to be separate? This whole independent thinking campaign was derived to encourage people to rise above negative influence, not challenge people who are leading you in the right direction. Just like all the bible verses I see posted on my feed being misused to justify selfishness in “God’s” honor. […]

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Start Living

You must trust 100% to surrender to the idea of trust. You must surrender 100% to truly allow someone to plant you, water you, and give you sun so you can grow. You must surrender to the idea that Loving someone means they will be able to hurt you the most, but they won’t because […]

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From the streets to Heaven

The streets are for insecure people that don’t believe they can change what’s wrong with the world, so they choose to become a part of it. I was once that insecure teen, taking pride in fear over respect, pain over communication, and war over peace. I wasn’t raised like that nor would I have wanted […]

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