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Start Living

You must trust 100% to surrender to the idea of trust. You must surrender 100% to truly allow someone to plant you, water you, and give you sun so you can grow. You must surrender to the idea that Loving someone means they will be able to hurt you the most, but they won’t because […]

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From the streets to Heaven

The streets are for insecure people that don’t believe they can change what’s wrong with the world, so they choose to become a part of it. I was once that insecure teen, taking pride in fear over respect, pain over communication, and war over peace. I wasn’t raised like that nor would I have wanted […]

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One Big Puzzle

If everyone believed in self-defense, violence wouldn’t exist. If everyone was faithful to Love, hate wouldn’t be a faith; but we are more focused on self-preserving than being collective in the principles that will truly help us preserve self. Togetherness shouldn’t replace our identity, it just means morally we identify with one another. Brothers, when […]

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Challenge Yourself

Most see a snowy day; I see an opportunity to test my will to be willing. I don’t live from day to day; I live today to see tomorrow. Every breath isn’t certain until you have already breathed, but my faith is certainty over doubt. I believe from my heart, and my mind makes it […]

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Growing Toward Solution

Reach for your success; you will not fail, persistence won’t allow you to. They will point, laugh, and doubt the process, but once it’s processed all the rhetoric will turn into praise. Some will fight the growth by waiting for a hole, but as a whole most will come around. The only force strong enough […]

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Watched “Selma”

Selma started out with a bang! It jolted emotions within my soul that left me absent of my body. The movie had so much spirit; from the way several were able to be one, to their ability to risk death for change. Selma illustrated how it takes many to make anyone great; it takes trust […]

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United in Love

I am tired of Christians hiding behind Christ to disconnect from man; Muslims using the temptation of man to oppress women, and society using tact to justify dishonesty. I am sick of people complaining about reality shows being fake yet continue to be fake in reality. I am fed up with sitting with people that […]

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