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April 3, 2014


The age old argument “The Bible is written by Man” kills me. I am not a Christian, but I know that money is also man made and people seem to have no problem worshipping “The Green”….I get you don’t want to be religious, but show validity in your reasons why; don’t act like Man can’t […]

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Happiness is Yours

March 30, 2014


Head high, look where you are going, focus on your destination.  Your dream has awakened you, it is possible.  Stop standing still, move; believe in success until failure is your reality. Be realistic but don’t make something you can accomplish unobtainable.  Listen to your heartbeat remain alert. Don’t fold under pressure,  reveal yourself. Risk death […]

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Guilty of Happiness

March 20, 2014


Missing in action, running for your life, waking up nowhere still looking for somewhere. Playing your distance but seriously close. Falling apart but putting others back together. High on life but can’t get anyone to smoke it. Working endlessly to connect, yet lazily beginning to disconnect; forfeiting every achievement to the under~achievers. Settling for the […]

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Every Past Thought

March 5, 2014


Every past thought lost, forcing me to create new ones. I dwell in the absent, losing my gift to be present. The belief of greatness being duplicated escapes me. I am a prisoner of the theory that “lightening only strikes once”, but, genius is genuine; it’s not a moment, but a life time. It can’t […]

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Loneliness is a Disease

March 4, 2014


    The loneliest people believe there isn’t such a thing as great company. Their faith in human connection is so disconnected, they spend every waking second trying to prove how independent they are; missing out on the comforts of being interdependent. Funny, their fear stems from their inability to select, which takes independence. They […]

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Continuing On….

February 28, 2014



All my certainty was given to someone who never had certainty to give. All my thoughts were never completed because I couldn’t complete a thought.  All my Love was forgotten due to the lack of faith in LOVE. I wandered out in the middle of traffic and was ran down by a drunk driver; didn’t […]

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Challenge Yourself

February 17, 2014


Most see a snowy day, I see an opportunity to test my will to be willing. I don’t live from day to day, I live today to see tomorrow. Every breath isn’t certain until you have already breathed, but my faith is certainty over doubt. I believe from my heart, and my mind makes it […]

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It’s not the struggle that brings us down, but the fear that dwells in our hearts and destroys our dreams

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