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This Could be Your Decision Today….

September 30, 2014


Running on his last leg because removing them will save his life. Having to endure an adult decision as a child, yet shows the strength of a God. Inspiring others to breathe in every breath because he’s holding his.  The world has just changed from his perspective; it could have gotten darker, but he chose […]

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Your Heart Doesn’t Have to Blacken

September 29, 2014


Encourage a greater Love and you will received that Love!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

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What do you think WordPress????

September 28, 2014


My mother and I were having a discussion about Love and she stated “Too many people fall in Love with being in Love” I replied ” not enough people know what Love is to truly say they have fallen”….what do you think WordPress????

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Locking the Door

September 26, 2014


The door closed. Engaged to your memory on one knee remenscing every step, wondering how I ran out of the room to keep you in bed close to me. Rib cage broken, trying to contain the heart rate beating on the fly. I smell your morning breath wishing I never asked you to brush; I […]

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Sunday’s Reflection

September 21, 2014


Do I have to save the whole world collectively to be acknowledged as an answer? Do I have to question everything for people to believe I am open-minded?  I’ve sat in groups and challenged them to challenge each other and the silence became dense.  I’ve encouraged “open minds” to see the world from my eyes […]

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The Assistance of Friends

September 19, 2014


Something to think about this friday morning….must read Why are so many mothers raising children alone? I understand they made bad choices in who they may have had children with, but did they make those same bad choices in friends? Why aren’t more friends assisting each other through the process? Are friendships truly all about […]

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Fading in Faith

September 13, 2014


It’s not the success that scares me, it’s the fame. My private thoughts will be publicized and criticized. I want to change people’s lives while maintaining mine. Am I ready to leave everything on the table to serve the population? Am I ready to turn my passion into a career; betraying it for obligation and […]

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