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In Their Absence….

October 22, 2014

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Their death left you empty; leaving just hollow echoes of their memories. They died without warning; they didn’t even say goodbye. You’re so angry that you’re fighting the tears; you’re so sad that you’re angry, personalizing them passing as a way God failed you. “It was their time,” you’re thinking what the hell does that […]

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October 21, 2014


Fame, you can keep it. The name, you can rewrite it. If I can reshape a world that goes in circles to do a 180, I will die for my creation. Love fuels my fire; desire ignites it. I don’t want to change everything; I wish to add on to anything that adds on to […]

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October 17, 2014


We sang so many songs but none were recorded; left in an historical prison, right before our last memory. A life that once was, is now a life that is, day-to-day seeing tomorrow, yet speaking as if it was yesterday. The recognition in the mirror is a vague identity that can’t be identified. Tears shower […]

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A Life Lived

October 15, 2014


The world is closing in, but that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t attempt to open it back up. I don’t accept being extinct; I won’t stand still; I will continue to show people the openings they can walk through. Disasters will strike, but we have to be resilient enough to reinvent paradise. Deaths will occur, […]

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Problem Within

October 12, 2014


People invest in the fault of man more than the progression of mankind. We honor our HEROES just to be frightened by the strength that earned them that title. Every man can be faulty; yet, the same principles apply to their success; what they show should be their account, not banking on someone stumbling when […]

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Structure Shouldn’t Equal Restraints

October 6, 2014


Everything that works has a structure, yet we fight and disregard the instructions; wanting to create our own rules that don’t measure up. “We are all created equal”, that equality should come with quality; quality air, food, water; quality of life. We tend to listen, but only few take the time to learn. We say […]

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Keeping Your Eye on the Road

October 3, 2014


When we lose faith in Love, we lose faith in the ability to submit to it. Love isn’t something we think about, but something we feel, then identify in our thoughts. The heart drives, and the mind navigates. Our principles, preferences, and lifestyles are the address; spirituality, morality, and emotional well-being are the destination. When […]

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