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Staying on Track

August 18, 2014


I left my house with more than enough time to make it to work on time. I get to the train station the exact time the train is arriving;  it’s going to be a great day. I hop on the local train to my destination; three stops later I see the express train across the […]

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Take on the Day

August 17, 2014


Morning. In the day will lay obstacles, but they will take their course. At some point your breath will be shortened, just compensate by taking deep ones. Don’t search for the joy, find it; don’t wait for happiness, run towards it. Adapt a mentality that can only come from realizing what’s within your control. Don’t […]

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Cat Scan

August 15, 2014


My eyes were forced shut by the impatient moment of forty minutes in a capsule. My thoughts ran towards a dead man’s home. Still, with breath, life started to be worse than death itself. Welcoming sound filled this new reality. One minute passed and adaptation rose from the heart that mixed with the natural tone […]

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Informative Action

August 12, 2014


Why care less when you can care more? Why aren’t we thinking when we were given brains to do so? Reading will not solve the problem, but with each passage lays the key to the solution. Taking the time to understand the messages starts with bringing them to life. We live in a lot of […]

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Moral Struggle

August 11, 2014

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We struggle with right and wrong daily. When is it right to be violent? When is it wrong to be truthful? When is it right to leave a relationship? When is it wrong to be right, right or wrong starts within. What’s right is doing the things you expect from others. If everybody believed in […]

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August 7, 2014


“It’s the bad times that make us strong” has been coming out of so many people’s mouths, I am starting to believe that they are creating the bad times to gain strength.  Do they mean “It’s the Great times that help us to weather the bad,” or are they just using a quote that is […]

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August 6, 2014


The age old argument, “The Bible is written by Man” kills me. I am not a Christian, but I know that money is also man made, and people seem to have no problem worshipping “The Green”. I get you don’t want to be religious, but show validity in your reasons why; don’t act like Man […]

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