I Woke Up Like This

Another early start, waking up to add some words to my life story. Highlighting every joyful moment in the past so I can duplicate the emotion over and over again. Deleting the mistakes of yesterday, writing in the corrections today, so tomorrow is perfected. I will be unafraid to Love yet fear hate. I’ll dream a reality and live life to death. I will use today to piece together my happiness and go to sleep knowing I ended the day with four explanation marks!!!!


A Faithful Man is the Enemy

A faithful man is the enemy. He turns down every woman he encounters and we all know how well women take rejection. A faithful man is the enemy. While all his friends are out cheating, living up to the typical standard of men, a faithful man is uncomfortable not challenging them to remain faithful; uncomfortable smiling in his  friends wives faces, knowing they’re married to an “every woman’s man”. A faithful man is the enemy. Most people don’t trust their partners, but he believes in the faith of faithfulness. He trusts his partner with his life; mind, body, and soul. He believes in the daily commitment of lifting his wife, himself, and everyone around him. He embraces judgement because he is accountable for his actions, as most aren’t; so, a faithful man becomes the enemy. A faithful man is the enemy. He honors the spirituality of Love, while hate is what brings others together. He has honest, open discussions with nothing to hide- yet he is always under investigation. A faithful man is the enemy, but he is your best friend!!!!


Happiness is Heaven

People spend more time soul searching than serving their soul; thinking of what would make others happy than to fight for their happiness. Falling In-Love with moments as opposed to giving their moments to Love. Breathing fresh air just to pollute it with the thoughts of past rejections and hurt. We don’t live an ounce of our existence because we are too busy worrying about becoming extinct. We’re afraid of happiness, so we are ultimately searching for misery because happiness seems like Hell!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~


Leap! Jump as high as you can and touch as many people before you hit the floor. Be afraid. Yes, you are alive but use that fear to encourage others not to be afraid. Think, not of yourself, but about putting yourself in a position where your successes brings others success. Love, hold his or her heart as your faith. Strive for their happiness and if you’re truly compatible, it shouldn’t infringe on yours. Believe, speak words that the world can consistently hold you to. Be a person whom acts out the script. Hope, surround yourself around positivity, people who will challenge greatness daily- people who will argue with you about your bad habits until only the good remains. Live, life isn’t forever, but spirit is. Leave leaves, connected to trees, rooted in the growth of seeds. Be the world you want to live in, so you’re celebrated in death!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

Rock Bottom isn’t to Late to Climb.

Inspire me. Give me something to believe outside of myself. Keep me on track so I don’t derail into misery. Give me something to look forward to when I am looking back. Hand me your hands to lift me from the pavement; I’m considering going under. Show me a blind faith so I can stop walking into the walls I’m building. Introduce me to a lifestyle I can marry but can never divorce. Make Love to me- don’t just penetrate, reasonate- watering a seed in me, purifying me like a baby. Inspire me. Give me existence because I’m losing consciousness. So inspire me!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

Elevate Your Heart

Let doubt in, use it to motivate you to succeed. Allow criticism to construct a better you. Grow from the hurt and heal with indestructible skin. Use your voice to encourage the mute to speak. Use your voice to add volume to the vocal. Lead by example by being a consistent example of a leader. Cry out loud, ask for help, never do it alone. Share your stories, tell your tales, open up your heart; believe in the goodness of man until you’re surrounded by it. Don’t let the chatter shred your faith. Gossip will only break the spirit of the unspirited. This is your life, live it with a productive heart!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

How Does Writing Have Healing Power and Create Change????

Writing has no face, tone of voice, or stature. It ascends race, sexual preference, and social-economic backgrounds. It gives the “blind” eyes, the “dumb” speech, and the “deaf” ears. It’s a simple note passed around a class, to the declaration of our independence. It embodies our feelings, while capturing our thoughts. Writing gives a lonely child company, a battered woman protection, and a violent man salvation. It’s the description of a laugh, the substance of a tear, and the vitals of our heart. Writing is the agreement that holds whole nations together. It gives us the explanation of a scent, detail of a picture, while allowing us to master our imagination. We take trips while in our rooms, create people we want to be, and do things we’ll die trying. Writing allows us to fly, die and come back, and live for forever. Medicine heals; writing gives us life. So, how does writing have healing power and create change? The bigger question is how doesn’t it???? ~AmazinglyBrash~ #DreamAwake