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Sharing the Load

I can’t predict what you are feeling. All I can do is wrap my arms around you in hopes my warmth will enhance your temperature. I was not the cause of your mood, but I know I can effect whether you’re mood changes. There is no tragedy worse than pushing your Loved ones away when […]

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Remember Love….

A woman opened her legs; his brain hemorrhages. He falls into a coma, comatose by the sense of her essence. Woke up ten years later- married to dirty dippers, second grade homework, and suits that are perfectly pressed at 9 but wrinkled by 5. He’s stressed, too weak to open the legs that are glued […]

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A Lonely Man….

Lonely man with penis in hand- could “callgirl” but has no money. Heart broken; mind crippled; faith torn by an angel that promised him God. Last kiss deceived with passion of a romantic spark- burning down. Fired! Igniting hell’s wrath. Love doesn’t exist, it has exited his existence; he is numb!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~ #DreamAwake

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A Story Of Mental Cheating….A Man’s Fear

She said she wants to be a house wife, now she’s in the house contemplating if she wants to be a wife at all. Cooking, cleaning, ironing, waiting; she feels stagnant in her life. Her husband rushes home to a wife that gives him life after working a job that lessens him, yet he still […]

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Let Go

With years of construction, you want to finish the project because you have invested so much time and energy into it, but you’re unhappy. You have lost track of what and why you have started building in the first place. There are memories of overwhelming great feelings which single handedly got you through bad days, […]

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Small Circles

I have a small circle because I want to surround myself with leaders that see the purpose of raw honesty and Love as a faith. I was just telling my co-workers that I Love my team because they clowned me when I thought I had an STD; I had made that choice, a choice wasn’t […]

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Waiting to Soar

Being single isn’t the life most have envisioned, but it is the life several have encountered for a variety of reasons. I, myself have been single because I know what I want and will not settle for less than that. Being a husband will be the best thing that will happen to me, but settling […]

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