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You Never Heard Me

Ultimately you never forgave him, so I was forgotten. You ran back into his halfway parted arms, hoping they were closed behind you, leaving the work of paradise for the passion in Hell. I felt your unresolved solutions and we couldn’t evolve in evolution. A man that was once painted the villain is now your […]

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Water Evaporated

The storm subsided, water evaporated; yet there is still residue from your hurtful intentions. We spoke, but the passion of reconciliation never resonated. An apology was given, but it couldn’t be characterized as a sorry. I can see you searching for where I went wrong more than accepting that you were wrong. Your attempt wasn’t […]

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Went Running and had to Walk

Ran to the Bronx on one knee, thinking I found my bride, until I had to negotiate for her heart because it was held hostage by the past. Eventually she said we had a future; drove off hearing wedding bells. Once I parked, the bells I heard was a phone call calling it off. The […]

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Think Before You Cheat

My eyes closed, never to open again. I have blackened the purity of a Saint by believing life had more to offer than the devotion and dedication of a heart that continued to return home night after night. I spent several nights sharing the first light with someone I never intended to be my flame; […]

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Love is Written on the Same Page

He was always there, but all homeboy had to do was show up. I Love you was said to both, but Love can’t be both. Him being there had to be Love on his part, but on her’s it couldn’t. Him just showing up must have meant she Loved him, but he didn’t stay long […]

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The Process of Mending My Heart

For the first month, I prayed to see your smile, hear your laugh,touch your face, smell your hair, and taste your skin but instead I woke up in sweaty puddles of emptiness. For the second month, I hoped you were frowning without me, burning your food, losing count of your heart beats, and having nightmares […]

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When multiple women are around a man people natural think he is running all of them in circles but do people ever stop to think that the man is waiting for one of them to stop going in circles so they can stand still together????

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