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Forward March….

April 15, 2014


I “say” and “say” but you do the opposite, then I am expected to clean up the messes you make from not listening;  well, I didn’t apply for a janitor position in your life, nor did I say I would be loyal to stupidity.  I applied for a position that meant growing along aside one another, […]

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April 7, 2014


People remain in endless draining relationships because they are misinformed.  They have the wrong definitions of words that they frequently live by; like forgiveness,  loyalty, trust, family, friends, and romantic partnership…. Forgiveness is wishing someone the best when they harmed you, not reconciliation. Loyalty starts with self….A person must have standards, morals, and principles before […]

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Embrace Your Haves

March 27, 2014


Fixated on your failures, you don`t see you have succeeded.  Too many have forfeited the life you won by chasing stability in something as unstable as money. You have family and friends that enhance the spirit of your life, yet you look outside of yourself hoping to be those who have no clue of who […]

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Your Doing….

February 19, 2014


People do dirt and complain about being stuck in the mud….had to know they were going to get wet. Clean ya’ll act up, then maybe I won’t look down. Until then, shame on you for being filthy!!!!

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Meet me Halfway….

February 12, 2014

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If your road gets you to your destination, and my road gets me to mine and they dont intersect, we weren’t meant to walk the same path….If your “dream coming true” means waking up to a reality that don’t include me, I will be awoken….If our hours mean spending time apart as opposed to buying […]

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Finding Sweetness

February 2, 2014


The Back should have a Summary

Bitterness stems from being sweetened by artificial sweeteners. Going into a relationship with a person that sprints out the gate at a pace that is impossible to keep up for the long run. Dating potential, instead of a finished products; wanting things in your mate they never promised or exhibited in the first place. People […]

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Stop Playing!!!!

January 15, 2014


The games people play to start and end relationships; time is of the essence, yet we waste the times that could be essential. When a heart beat skips in the presence of a person, get everything in line to be with them; being a part of their life will be one of the greatest achievements […]

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