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Served What You Deserve

September 16, 2014


She couldn’t look me in my face because she believed she didn’t deserve me. I was offended, wondering, “Why would I give my heart to someone that didn’t deserve it?” I put my emotions to the side and seen her eye to eye; without words I kissed her on the forehead, reminding her that I […]

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August 20, 2014


The pain is holding me hostage;  tried to escape so many times, but I was recaptured by the strength of this emotion. Never thought you would be the one to imprison me because I felt so free around you. I seen salvation in your eyes but deception in your heart. You used the words “I […]

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We Sip Gossip

August 2, 2014


He said, she said, who said what? We can pretend to look the other way, but we have ears on both sides. We could leave the room, but word of mouth travels faster than any human’s ability to walk. So we sit and listen….sucked in by every syllable, swallowed by each word; digesting the controversy, […]

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Time Flies

July 30, 2014


My little lady is crushing on boys. She would say, “I’m not crushing,” because he likes her back; and, “it’s not boys, it’s a boy.” She was just jumping in-between me and anyone I tried to hug; now she pays me no mind because her mind is else where. I knew this day would come, […]

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Why Return????

July 25, 2014


A couple that once shared one side of the bed has now divided it in twos! He is too busy, and she is too tired! How could people that had identical goals now be fraternal? He laughs, while she cries; she ignores, while he talks! Everyone is right and no one is wrong! Their lives […]

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What’s Was It????

July 9, 2014


What Was It? What did or didn’t I do, for you to question my intent? I loved you with everything I had, while staying true to myself. I put your needs ahead of your wants, but never had you want for nothing. I believed in your dreams, but didn’t allow you to over sleep; I […]

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Unfaithfully Faithful

June 15, 2014


I knew the end would draw near; I just couldn’t color it in myself. I wanted to take in the fresh air before I was forced back to inhaling the polluted. Wishing on a star has never taken me far; yet I continued to hope every time one fell. When she walked towards me I […]

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