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What is that saying????

I polled 20 women that stated, “most men cheat.” I asked them if they would rather their man physically cheat or fall In-Love with another woman? They all said physically cheat. Then I asked if they would rather their man physically cheat or secretly be In-Love with another woman while dating them? They said physically […]

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We’re Forgotten

Last night you cried on my lap, telling me you were forever mine. Today you have left me forever. Tomorrow I won’t remember who we were because we both are living Love separately. Yesterday I was everything you lived for, now I am not worth dying for. When I awaken we will be a dream […]

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I wanted all, you had nothing

Just seeing isn’t enough to hold, you took me for granted, now regret infests your thoughts with memories that can no longer be duplicated. “I Love you” are the words that you use, but you’re still testing the waters before you dive in. Faith is the only way to honor those words; consistency will be […]

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How Women Cheat….

She said she wants to be a house wife, now she’s in the house contemplating if she wants to be a wife at all. Cooking, cleaning, ironing, waiting; she feels stagnant in her life. Her husband rushes home to a wife that gives him life after working a job that lessens him, yet he still […]

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Hand and Hand

Why risk losing your left hand when you are right handed? Two hands are better than one. Where your dominant hand leads,  your other hand assists, making every task easier. It’s the perfect relationship. We are given clues all the time about how to build healthy partnerships, but we ignore those clues to remain clueless. […]

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We Should Enhance Me

When you resist, I resist, but in your warped mind frame you picture a world where I should persist while you resist. I come heart in hand yet you’re empty handed . I offer you a full cup and you drink it to its end. Did you ever consider sharing, or did you truly believe […]

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You Never Heard Me

Ultimately you never forgave him, so I was forgotten. You ran back into his halfway parted arms, hoping they were closed behind you, leaving the work of paradise for the passion in Hell. I felt your unresolved solutions and we couldn’t evolve in evolution. A man that was once painted the villain is now your […]

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