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Several Reasons Sexual Passion Walks Out of Relationships!

October 5, 2014


1.) It Starts Becoming a Job: The newness of the beginning is usually enough to jump-start a man, and moisten a woman. Hearts both pumping with anticipation of how it’s going to be; minds running from the excitement of connecting, and the chemistry seems to be perfected. Fast forward to the actual relationship; bills, children, […]

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A Student of Partnership

September 23, 2014


Being a student is studying your partners every want, fulfilling their every need, and preparing to pass every test encountered. A 4.0 will keep the Love perfect. Count the smiles, settle the disagreements, and maintain the chemistry. Major in their happiness, refuse to drop out, and earn your degree. Once you graduate, you can start […]

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Who’s at fault????

September 22, 2014


I am sitting here watching Dr. Phil’s “Inside the mind of a mistress”…. These mistresses are being blamed for breaking a home that they didn’t build. They are being questioned about accepting an opportunity that was given to them by a man that’s supposed to honor his commitments. These women have been deceived by the […]

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Served What You Deserve

September 16, 2014


She couldn’t look me in my face because she believed she didn’t deserve me. I was offended, wondering, “Why would I give my heart to someone that didn’t deserve it?” I put my emotions to the side and seen her eye to eye; without words I kissed her on the forehead, reminding her that I […]

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August 20, 2014


The pain is holding me hostage;  tried to escape so many times, but I was recaptured by the strength of this emotion. Never thought you would be the one to imprison me because I felt so free around you. I seen salvation in your eyes but deception in your heart. You used the words “I […]

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We Sip Gossip

August 2, 2014


He said, she said, who said what? We can pretend to look the other way, but we have ears on both sides. We could leave the room, but word of mouth travels faster than any human’s ability to walk. So we sit and listen….sucked in by every syllable, swallowed by each word; digesting the controversy, […]

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Time Flies

July 30, 2014


My little lady is crushing on boys. She would say, “I’m not crushing,” because he likes her back; and, “it’s not boys, it’s a boy.” She was just jumping in-between me and anyone I tried to hug; now she pays me no mind because her mind is else where. I knew this day would come, […]

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