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What’s Was It????

July 9, 2014


What Was It? What did or didn’t I do, for you to question my intent? I loved you with everything I had, while staying true to myself. I put your needs ahead of your wants, but never had you want for nothing. I believed in your dreams, but didn’t allow you to over sleep; I […]

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Unfaithfully Faithful

June 15, 2014


I knew the end would draw near; I just couldn’t color it in myself. I wanted to take in the fresh air before I was forced back to inhaling the polluted. Wishing on a star has never taken me far; yet I continued to hope every time one fell. When she walked towards me I […]

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Singing Our Fathers Praise

June 15, 2014


Dead beat is not a rhythm I would use to describe what so many dads mean to their child’s song. So many great fathers out there and all people sing about is the bad ones. Let’s stop giving all the publicity to the dad’s that are dead and start giving more to the ones that […]

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Coming to Grips

June 14, 2014


Flashbacks make me want to go backwards, but it’s time to press play and walk forward. We had our Love story and it ended with us saying bye. The feelings were so hard but we walked away with no hard feelings. I fell In-Love with you and you wanted extra out of life. The more […]

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Slicing Pieces from the Whole

June 12, 2014


I will not beg for your affection, but I will make myself available to receive it. I Love you with every chamber of my heart, but you have my blood clotting, making it impossible to live. My best is what you’re getting, yet you continue to reject it. I respect your fear of getting hurt, […]

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