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When multiple women are around a man people natural think he is running all of them in circles but do people ever stop to think that the man is waiting for one of them to stop going in circles so they can stand still together????

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Doubt will Clean Us Out

I spent more time convincing you of my Love than actually Loving you. I was wrong for buying into a partnership that wasn’t ready to be whole. I was blinded by the future in your eyes and lost sight of wanting an equal; someone that understood when I breathed the word “I Love You”.  I […]

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My response to “This is Beautiful”

Focused on the effortlessness of your breathing forces me to match every breath. Losing consciousness in the process, I dream of a time when I inhaled you on a regular basis. Living every moment to provide you with happiness, suffocating each time you felt misplaced. I placed my all into building you a house that […]

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Wanting to be Close

I create distance because I believe I deserve people at their best. Why should they get the best of me but give me half of themselves? I turn my back because I hope it will turn you around; hoping when we meet again we’re seeing eye to eye for a lifetime. I will fight with […]

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Dating Down

A co-worker and I were having a discussion about an article she read about Black Women being forced to date down; she said the article stated, “90% of Black Women are dating down. One example she pulled from the article was about a woman in high office (her name escapes me), who is dating a […]

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Held Hostage

The pain is holding me hostage;  tried to escape so many times, but I was recaptured by the strength of this emotion. Never thought you would be the one to imprison me because I felt so free around you. I seen salvation in your eyes but deception in your heart. You used the words “I […]

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All Good Feelings Don’t Have to End

~ The soul hits the paper displaying a heartbeat that is muted by the deafness of a guarded mind. The blood rushes in their presence but you’re too thin to clot, scared to admit that your admiration has allowed you to circulate. Feeling the joy that once betrayed, you betray the feeling, but this joy […]

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Beautiful Insanity

A heart on fire, fighting with all it's might.

Lonnie Peters

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Ah, The Country Life

Love, life and laughter in a place called Tepusquet.


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