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Small Circles

I have a small circle because I want to surround myself with leaders that see the purpose of raw honesty and Love as a faith. I was just telling my co-workers that I Love my team because they clowned me when I thought I had an STD; I had made that choice, a choice wasn’t […]

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Waiting to Soar

Being single isn’t the life most have envisioned, but it is the life several have encountered for a variety of reasons. I, myself have been single because I know what I want and will not settle for less than that. Being a husband will be the best thing that will happen to me, but settling […]

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Heartbreak Feels Like the Number One Cause of Death

Heartbreak feels like the number one cause of death. When someone you Love walks out the door, you lock up and put the chain on. It feels like you never will be with anyone that compares, but then you run into someone, and you realize this is the person everyone else was preparing you for. […]

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You Should Be with a Man

You should be with a man that Loves you the way you Love him. You should Love a man that won’t allow you to get over, but tries to give you what you want; a man that challenges you to be your best, but highlights what you’re already great at; a man that has sex […]

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What is that saying????

I polled 20 women that stated, “most men cheat.” I asked them if they would rather their man physically cheat or fall In-Love with another woman? They all said physically cheat. Then I asked if they would rather their man physically cheat or secretly be In-Love with another woman while dating them? They said physically […]

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We’re Forgotten

Last night you cried on my lap, telling me you were forever mine. Today you have left me forever. Tomorrow I won’t remember who we were because we both are living Love separately. Yesterday I was everything you lived for, now I am not worth dying for. When I awaken we will be a dream […]

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I wanted all, you had nothing

Just seeing isn’t enough to hold, you took me for granted, now regret infests your thoughts with memories that can no longer be duplicated. “I Love you” are the words that you use, but you’re still testing the waters before you dive in. Faith is the only way to honor those words; consistency will be […]

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