Was It Me?

It wasn’t me, it wasn’t me who stopped believing. Mind, thinking past us- dreaming of dreams that only included you. It wasn’t me, looking in your eyes night after night uncertain whether I was lying in the wrong bed in the wrong set of arms. Betraying the pace of my heart, mistaking your words to justify my actions. It wasn’t me at all. Was it me? That lost sight of forever the first time the lights went off. That ran from the fight and chose flight. Fearful of pain so you became hurt. It was you, not me who questioned every answer; sold me feelings instead of faith. Yet, you blamed me. You said I wasn’t dedicated to our success. Then what were all those late night arguments about? How did I kiss you with such passion? Why did I lift all your frowns to see you smile? Tell me, why did I spend my days spinning your negative thoughts into positive outcomes. I am confident- I gave you 100%. But, I am sure you can’t look in the mirror and reflect the same sentiments. I still Love you. I can remember the smell of your hair. Your laughter ringing in my ears, but your heart never matched mine. But it was me??!!


Astronaut’s Wife

She swallows- pride circulates her belly. He surfaces with another face attached to his. He has done this before, but not for the public to see. Divorce seems unrealistic to a house wife, though she dreamt of a life which didn’t consist of sharing. She continues to smile, arguing with anyone who tells her that she doesn’t have to stand for his adultery. She yells, “I Love that man, he’s a great man.” She believes this because if she doesn’t, it means she has failed. She has married her life to a lie, so she hides the truth until it becomes actual. She’s another hopeful other, wishing!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

Views Can Be Blind

Racism is an opinion! Yet, daily we preach the entitlement to one’s opinion, instead of challenging healthy views on life. A man picks up a gun and erases nine lives because he had an opinion about their skin color. We need to really start to look at the Mentality we are creating, trying to avoid being controversial!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

Mood Swings

Do you want to work, or is this becoming a job and you want to change careers? Our patience has run short, doctoring up one argument after another. Hoarse. Our lungs have extended beyond their capabilities. Silence ensues. The verict is “I owe you this” and “You owe me that”; hung jury. Case after case, thrown out. No winners, but we are both losing our minds. The penalty may have to be death because we can’t live together. I am trying to understand you by asking questions. You say I am suppose to know. I laugh- your face blushes with anger. The cycle continues to spin. I am dizzy and you’re throwing up.  “I didn’t notice.” “Because you don’t pay attention.” “Why didn’t you tell me?”  “It’s been four months, did you just think I was getting fat?” ~AmazinglyBrash~ #DreamAwake

Love Dies Because People Don’t Try

How can you express tears when your insides are dry? How do you walk away from forever? Waking up in the same life can be uninspiring; so many bore so easy. Marriage isn’t for you. Marriage isn’t for people who want more than perfection. A partnership is a promise to honor a contract between two hearts, synchronized as one rhythm. It’s for dreamers who will devote to the dedication of making happiness anothers’ daily reality. It’s for a romantic, searching for day in the many nights, in which the stars aren’t shining bright. How did the passion die? Because someone stopped taking pride in the pleasure of creating paradise, even when hell threatened to burn it down. Yet, we are bored with the day to day, crying so much that the tears have dried up. We have committed to emptiness and walked away from forever!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

Break The Cycle

A plant was watered – a son was left soiled, abandoned by the man that buried the seed. A woman sits still mourning her heart- forgetting to raise her soul, because her mind sees the stub that remains from a tree that actually cut her down. Boy grows to man- roots extend, and the same cycle begins all over again!!!!


Our Love Sunk

Circles. Around and around we go. The relationship continues to sail. We haven’t seen shore and we don’t ‘sea’ eye to eye. We’re trapped in the middle of no where. There have been waves of us going in the right direction, yet the storm has set us back. Hot air is coming from both sides and our lack of actions haven’t anchored us. There are holes in the partnership and we’re sinking fast. We refuse to work together so our ship has sunken. We died before we could reach our destination; forever is lost!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~ #DreamAwake