When Did It….

When did it start becoming okay to walk around unhappy? Why do people believe guarding themselves is protection? I walk down the street deep in thought, so I may look puzzled or even mean, but I am always thinking of ways to get people to “Forgive their Pain” and work toward happiness. If we think about it, most of us allowed something that was out of our control to effect so much that was within our control. We got fired and started breaking everything in our home. We lost the closest person to us and started pushing everyone else away. We were raised in the dark and refused to let in the light. You are not alone. Most people feel the struggles of living, but giving up will never heal our hearts. Giving up only makes things worse. Look the problem in the face and start solving it. Ask for help if the solution escapes you. Speak up if you are in pain, because though misery is good company; it will bankrupt you before making you wealthy. Fight for your happiness….you must believe you deserve it!!!!

How I Fall, How You Fall….

When I fall In-Love, I see the attributes of a person that I can pour my heart into. I look at the qualities they have that will maintain my heart. I see the brightness of a future that will never dim, and I close my eyes and follow the feeling of that warmth because I know it will never burn me. I have faith that I put myself in the hands of someone that I know will reconfirm that I Love myself.

For You, the feeling is something you chase, connecting with anyone that makes your heart skip regardless if you are certain whether they will catch you if you jump. You wonder more than are certain, curious more than know, and want to be with someone whom you can repair more than is repaired. You believe Love is drama over a set of actions that allow you to sleep through the night, so you let go of the person you had to work with to go after the person you have to constantly work for…. ~AmazinglyBrash~

Why Do I Have to Convince You?

No, you’re not the only woman that wants to spend the rest of her life with me, but you are the only woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. You take care of me like a number one priority; I need for nothing and don’t want anything more. My heart continues to gain life in your presence. Love is defined when you are in my arms. Hope is restored when your words match every action. There’s no doubt that you Love me and I you, so why would you think I would leave you? Yes, we argue for clarity, but that’s because I don’t want to sail in the wrong direction. I express that I see other women in attraction, but I capture all their attributes in one woman. We have moments of silence, but I am thinking about us for a large portion of those moments. It’s okay for you to be confident, you’re doing an exceptional job. Save your humility when you’re wrong and need to be corrected. I’ll be a fool for leaving. You’re Heaven and my belly is full; I have no desire to eat any other fruit. My word is as good as it gets; if I want to leave you, you’ll be the first to know. Some days while thinking about you tears run down my cheek and I am absent of stress. You and home are the same place. I’m happy with the consistency of your Love, so you can be assured that I am reassured in us. You have me until death!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~


Why risk losing your left hand when you are right handed? Two hands are better than one. Where your dominant hand leads,  your other hand assists, making every task easier. It’s the perfect relationship. We are given clues all the time about how to build healthy partnerships, but we ignore those clues to remain clueless. We want to experiment instead of truly experiencing. We want to guess as opposed to know. Our mentalities tell us the unknown is what romance is all about, and that stability is boring and too predictable; yet, we commit to one person hoping that they will be stable, honest, and truthful which all take predictability. Drama never bores, but it hurts and causes more harm than good, endlessly falling,  never feeling the ground again. We all truly want to believe that we have somewhere we can land, but we are too busy dreaming about flying when we are walking hand and hand with the perfect rights to our lefts. So, instead of taking flight alone looking down on regret, focus on how great it feels to have a co-pilot!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

The Illusion of a Happy Marriage….

She swallows- pride circulates her belly. He surfaces with another face attached to his. He has done this before, but not for the public to see. Divorce seems unrealistic to a house wife, though she dreamt of a life which didn’t consist of sharing. She continues to smile, arguing with anyone who tells her that she doesn’t have to stand for his adultery. She yells, “I Love that man, he’s a great man.” She believes this because if she doesn’t, it means she has failed. She has married her life to a lie, so she hides the truth until it becomes actual. She’s another hopeful other, wishing!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

Drank His Future Away….

He sipped on the intoxication of his cup. Placed it down on the table, looked her in the eyes, and said “I Love You.” She said, “If you Love me, your lips wouldn’t taste like alcohol. I would taste the passion of a dedicated husband. Instead, you fill your body with an escape. What are you running from? If your I Love You’s meant something, you’d be standing still.” He swallowed the last of his drink, slammed it on the table, and poured another glass. She stood up, legs cracking, heart broken; realizing she could never quench his thrist. She never looked back!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

It’s Over

Her eyes don’t have the same effect anymore. I can look away and move on with seeing her in every woman I encounter. My mind doesn’t belong to her; I can think of another with pure joy without missing her. My heart is no longer hers; I can feel the fullest again. I can provide another woman with all I am. She’s in the rear view, I drove away until all I can see is hope and the possibility of Loving again….