Tri-Angle of Love

I dreamt of you in Love with another man; my heart dropped. I looked at you in the room together smiling, hand and hand, enjoying his company. Then, nothing, you came through the door crying, in pain. I watched you cry over this man and it made my heart shatter. I thought I would be happy, but I knew at this moment, you Loved him, and we have gone. I knew I preferred you smiling, causing me pain, than being in pain yourself. I wondered what happened, so I moved closer to listen; he has been sleeping with your best friend and you have just found out. He’s in Love with her, but you know she must be paying you back because she has always been in Love with me….You broke my heart, he broke yours, she will break his, because we both broke hers….now we are all broken and I wake up!!!!

Wait For Her

It’s ok to wait for her….

If your heart is still there, don’t involve anybody else.
She may be the love of your life and as long as your heart feels that way, save it for her.
I don’t know the details of y’all relationship, but I do know it’s hard for someone new to enter a heart that belongs to someone else.
Homeboy, I have been In-Love and it takes first being able to see a life without them before having a life without them What are the reason/s the distance was created? If it wasn’t morally crippling then y’all may have a chance wait until she evaporates from your heart, only leaving the residue of her memory!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

Love in the Rain

It’s raining, washing away all of yesterday’s dirt. A new beginning with clean streets to pave a meaningful life as Love stories are being written. One couple, having been caught in the rain, run upstairs to jump out their wet clothes and make Love-turned on by the moment. Another couple is lying in their bed, smelling the fresh breeze and romance of the moment. Both couples make Love using nature to do what comes natural….

Sitting In The Park

Sitting in the park, peeking into other people’s lives while I wait for a friend. People definitely spend more time trying not to offend another person than truly having a real connection.

Believe me, everything you hate today will be there tomorrow. If you haven’t addressed it now, the rest of your relationship will be forced.


Set the tone…. A scrape is always better than internal bleeding.


How Do I Pick A Woman?

I look her from head to toe and if she physically makes my mind wonder (not my penis), I walk up and talk to her. As I ask her questions, I close my eyes(not allowing her good looks to cloud my judgement), only hearing the words.  If she inspires me, I sit back and watch how she treats the people she doesn’t like. If she works with them, but isn’t friendly with them, I know she is progressive but not phony. I say something funny; if she laughs, I know we share a sense of humor. I say something foul; I know if she corrects me, she’s willing to be honest when she disagrees. And when I say something sweet, if she is vulnerable enough to express how it makes her feel, then I know she is a wife, and it’s time to see if she is mine….

Men and Women….

Men and women, the right partner will work all night to come to a common ground, because they don’t want any bumps in the road. Arguing about who is right is different than arguing for what is right. Nothing is better than writing a story together and being on the same page before moving to the next!!!!



Men, don’t make it hard for women to Love you. Their loyalty to us shouldn’t be taken for granted. Match their devotion by dedicating your time, vulnerability, and penis to them; be faithful!!!!