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Like Minds

Anyone that knows me knows that I am going through this life trying to collect rare people; people that see the simplicity in honesty and that uses straightforwardness as a lifestyle of true Love. These people and I will sacrifice being the “villian” to keep people honest. We’ll continue to lose, hoping others will eventually […]

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Living Life on Repeat

I can never forgive a Love that is worth forgetting, because it was never Love to begin with. I can never believe in chaos, because there isn’t truly anything to believe in. We cry for several reasons, but the best “cries” come from clarity; the best feeling in the world comes from understanding, and the […]

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Why Love stood up

When I fall In-Love, I see the attributes of a person that I can pour my heart into. I look at the qualities they have that will maintain my heart. I see the brightness of a future that will never dim and I close my eyes and follow the feeling of that warmth because I […]

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Showering in Purity

Rain is hitting the pavement as I look up, showering my soul with the purest water to wash away all the dirty feelings of pain. I open my mouth hoping a few drops will be enough to cleanse my heart of heartless thoughts. I cry, mixing my sorrow with the smiles of a new. I […]

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Healing From False Love….

Written by sutterfly I comfort him with my chest on his back and my arm wrapped around his. Pulling him close, my spirit becomes his guide. His heart sputters teary beats. Shattered pieces slowly dissipating through his veins. His breaths, deep. Suffocated by the nightfall-ing to a lost dream, though he is now only […]

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The Best Wealth Can’t be Spent

We picture our lifetime, never realizing that the “time of our life” will be spent with people we Love. We chase big dreams of fame and recognition, but the only people that will truly know us are those that seen us at our most vulnerable. They’ll see right past the ambition to the core of […]

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Society is Full of Vegans

People that live in the dark believe they know more about the light because they can see at night. People that live in the light fear closing their eyes because the blackness of a shut eye is a reminder of how much they can lose. Those living in between question everything because they are yet […]

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