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Team Village….

When you put several #GreatMinds together, they become one #HeartBeat, working as one unit; they may even start looking like one perfect person because #togetherness breeds #oneness!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

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Perfect Fit for a Ring

She will lift your head, look you in the eyes, and remind you of your strengths. She will see you at your most vulnerable and hold you in her arms until you’re at 100%. She will never allow you to settle for less than your worth because she believes in your value. She will tell […]

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Brain instead of Heart….

Sitting on the train next to a woman with tears running down her face. My first thought is to console her with words of encouragement or supply her with a listening ear. Second thought reminds me that I am a large black man and she is a small timid white woman. I went with my […]

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Only the Brave….

My road is straight and narrow It’s forward and focus It’s honest and Open It’s Loving but hated It’s only for few not many It’s misunderstood by the misunderstood It’s consistent and confident My road leads and whoever doesn’t want to follow, you can curve!!!! #DreamAwake

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After long nights and early mornings, my novel is finally finished. “Happily Forever, Why Wait for the After?” reminds us that we can build a strong romantic relationship on substance. Two people can actually open their mouths and express what they are thinking. This book challenges us to look inside of ourselves, around us, and […]

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True Communities Police Themselves

I live in a Black community where people are outraged by cops gunning down our people. I have witnessed and been a part of injustices. I have challenged people in the community to stand up, but they have been too self-driven to collect hundreds to fight for justice. I have been a part of and […]

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Because You’re An Enhancement

When a person in my life feels absent, I remind them how present they are in my life. When they feel unworthy of the world, I laugh and remind them how much they bring to the world. I never sugar-coat their failure, but I do sweeten their successes. I argue with them to come to […]

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