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The Human Experience

The human experience is the only thing I expect on this Earth before I leave in smoke. I am a black man that understands Love is important because I have been educated about what hate is. Anger isn’t my weapon because killing will never solve inequality. Injustice will never create justice. I am a son […]

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Watching the Growth of My Lil Lady

I smile at the sun rising instantly watching night become day. Listening to my God-daughter gossiping on her new iPhone 6 reminds me of how the days walk by, realizing she will be older than yesterday tomorrow. Just a few years ago I was holding her in my arms allowing her to use my big […]

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My Commute Seemed Destine

I walk into a silent room, everybody looks towards me to give it sound. I begin to speak about my commute. I told them my eyes were closed from the fatigue of the night before. When I opened them, I was directly across from my dream. I locked eyes with her, afraid to blink. She […]

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The spread the Love challenge….

“The Village” is challenging everybody to wrap up some food and start teaching your children to give back. Take them outside in the cold and extend your family by giving a homeless person a Thanksgiving meal!!!! Show them how blessed they are and how important it is to take time to help others!!!! LET’S DO […]

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Inspired by Commenting on the blog CrippledbyPain

I want it all, her eyes facing mine,racing back and forth until we are locked into the same rhythm. Her lips showing the appreciation of meeting their matching lips, the sunsets snd sunrises, the long stressful days of debates just to cuddle at night. The movies we’ll watch and the books we will read. The […]

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I would like to take the time (first thing in the morning) to show my appreciation for my team, whom continuously helps me stay on course. Ya’ll have kept me focused on my work by challenging me to go outside of my comfort zone. Our vision is in sight and we are on the path […]

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Heartfelt Music

My written passion is R&B, but if I have to make your Hip Hop I’ll definitely write something to make the crowd Rock. My Versatility allows me to Pop out something classical showing you that Neo-Soul. When your days are Blues I’ll paint them yellow, providing  sunshine within the dark; blending your moods until the […]

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