Simple Ole Laundry

The newness of freshly done laundry, the poor man’s shopping. Each pieces different – smothered with the same fragrance. Folded shirts with folded shirts, hung pants with hung pants, matched up socks – one by one. The labor seems so hard, before the process. But when you’re nearing its end, it begins to show it’s ease. Clean, old, clothes. Beautiful cycle of preservation; Life’s simplicity forces us to pay attention….

Comedy Softens the Romance

I sit up at night watching romantic comedies. More for the romance and less for the comedy. I appreciate the gentleness of the Love depicted in these movies. They never mean to fall but they slip deeper in Love after each frame. As viewers, we can see the obvious, yet we stay for the ride. Our hearts swell and we are lighter than before we started watching!!!!

~AmazinglyBrash~ #DreamAwake

Mommy’s Eyes

I looked my mother in her eyes and seen myself. I have argued and fought with her for years, never realizing, in my youth, that I was revolting against my greatest allie. Rebellious, when this woman would give her breath to perserve mine, killing myself in the process- disappointing her plan to start me off where she finished. But, I set her back by talking back. Now, she’s back to cleaning my shit- when I should be paying for her retirement. I seen myself in her eyes when I should have seen her!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~ #DreamAwake

Sharing the Load….

I can’t predict what you are feeling. All I can do is wrap my arms around you in hopes my warmth will enhance your temperature. I was not the cause of your mood, but I know I can effect whether you’re mood changes. There is no tragedy worse than pushing your Loved ones away when you experience something tragic. I am in your life as an enhancement, not just for my own advancement. I am here to provide what’s necessary, whether it be an ear, some words, or just a silent embrace. Don’t close up; this is the time to be open. Let me in; allow me to carry some of the pain. You believe it’s not too heavy, but it can be lighter if we’re both holding up our ends. It won’t be a burden unless you allow it to burn us; and even then I will use my last breath to extinguish the flames. I Love you, that means you have my heart and my undivided attention!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~ #DreamAwake

This is a comment I wrote to a beautifully written Love letter that was never received.

Wow, now that is a well-written, beautifully crafted, spiritually heartfelt piece of writing. I listened to your heartbeat as mine beat. I felt your pain with watered eyes. I forgave you and it wasn’t my place to do so. I fell In-Love with the idea that this was written to me. Then, I read between the lines and realized your thoughts weren’t expressed, and I felt a sadness for the person on the other side of those words. We must die to capture two becoming one. Be transparent and vulnerable, humble yet morally driven; fall In-Love with a person that will always protect your heart, not harm it.

A Response to Bitterness

You share the view of so many- trying to stay in the same place. Our experiences can sometimes make us bitter and nasty; that’s not living- regardless of what someone believes about life. Teachers are here to use wisdom to change the minds of the people living presently. I would never tell someone they’re wrong for not liking the color blue, but someone walking around blue….now that is wrong. If a person witnessed perfection, their perspective is all that truly matters. You may have fallen on hard times, but someone standing will always be your desired destination. They will never need to know what it’s like to fall because they are already where they need to be. Now they are just showing others how to get there and maintain it. ~AmazinglyBrash~ #DreamAwake

I love buttoned downs, jeans, and some foamposites. In the winter, I also Love the comfort of a hoodie with some goretex. “Fashion allows us to have a discussion without opening our mouths.” When I’m dressed nicely; it adds to my already confident demeanor. When I dress down, it’s because I am trying to take the edge off, allowing myself to be more approachable.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Clothes (May) Make the (Wo)man.”