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Hold Her

The greatest wealth of mankind is a kind woman; a woman that will lift your head forward and tell you to march until you’ve aquired everything you desire, but she will also remind you she is the most valuable person in your life, making you never forget the combination to keep her safe!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

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Everyone Should Have a Village

When building a team, you want steady hands and stable minds. You want one track going in the same direction, moving until the destination is reached, refusing to be derailed by the traffic that threatens to stop the teams progress. You want a group that empowers one another with the fuel of togetherness, effectively succeeding […]

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Making Love to Love

The sweetness of your lips saves me from the saltiness of all the past Loves that soured my soul turning me bitter. Your touch has grabbed me from every hold that has squashed my hopes of the future I am presently embracing. Your insides reminds me of the home that houses every last smile from […]

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My voice speaks through my eyes every time I walk closer. My ears are opened to the silent loudness of the emotions between us. A pause plays in my head, and each moment is captured in two chests elevating in sync. The first of my last overcomes me as my soul leaves my body entering […]

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Cruelty isn’t the Cure

People will justify anything; whether you have been cheated on, abused, raped, shot, kidnapped, or survived Cancer, there isn’t any reason to mistreat a stranger. “Maybe he or she is having a bad day” isn’t an excuse not to correct them or put them in their place. “You don’t understand what they have been through” […]

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Violence Just Leads to Violets

Because your face is frowned up, I’m supposed to think you’re a killer? Is that supposed to be a warning sign you’re not to be fucked with? Homeboy, I am not here to invade your space, nor to play eye to eye games to prove I can out thug you. There has to be more […]

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Redefining “The American Dream”

The American Dream is for fiends that want the instance of gratification. They aren’t patient enough to cook, so they microwave every idea and sell it off as success; using others shoulders as a ladder to elevate them to the top, while pushing down each step so no one else can climb. Justifying the individual, […]

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