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Inspired by Commenting on the blog CrippledbyPain

I want it all, her eyes facing mine,racing back and forth until we are locked into the same rhythm. Her lips showing the appreciation of meeting their matching lips, the sunsets snd sunrises, the long stressful days of debates just to cuddle at night. The movies we’ll watch and the books we will read. The […]

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I would like to take the time (first thing in the morning) to show my appreciation for my team, whom continuously helps me stay on course. Ya’ll have kept me focused on my work by challenging me to go outside of my comfort zone. Our vision is in sight and we are on the path […]

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Heartfelt Music

My written passion is R&B, but if I have to make your Hip Hop I’ll definitely write something to make the crowd Rock. My Versatility allows me to Pop out something classical showing you that Neo-Soul. When your days are Blues I’ll paint them yellow, providing  sunshine within the dark; blending your moods until the […]

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This is Beautiful

I stare at you while you sleep, paying attention to every crease of your face. My chest cavity fills with a warmth and circulates around my heart, igniting deep affection and adoration. It tightens. My breath becomes shallow, and as this is all happening, I question how many times I’ve laid next to you, staring […]

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It’s not the Finale

We push the finale away because we don’t  want the single life to end, but it’s the beginning of a new season. Fighting and fussing with someone you are actually going to create Love with. Coming home to a consistent smell; no more mixing fragrances in search for the perfect scent. Laying in bed night […]

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Parenting takes Creativity….

A child is out all day without contacting his parents. He walks into the house after curfew, and when he is confronted by his parents he shrugs them off as if he is sorry but they worry too much because he is alright. The parents look at one another, say “okay” and nothing else;  they […]

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Gamble it all….

Do I have to punch someone in the face and get shot just for the woman I Love to feel protected? Make Love to her self-esteem to convince her I am here to  Love her? Or, do I just have to maintain the confident, straightforward, and Loving approach I used to aquire her?  Change is […]

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crippledbypain's Blog

This blog is about my life. Its about heartbreak and the agony of life. About how each day is a battle, for those of us who know whats its like to be too young and too damaged.

Failed Thoughts

Meaningless Thoughts Of A Failed Man

Asali the Kenyan blogger

The most beautiful thing you can be is yourself


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