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The World has Taught Me

July 24, 2014


One thing the world has taught me is that God and Love is one in the same; both make survival worth it. Today I watched a prostitute and a drunken man fall In-Love. At this point in my life I saw prostitutes as soulless beings that maximized their opportunities for money; and a drunk, as […]

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Without Words….

July 22, 2014


The sweat poured from their pores ever since their eyes met. Their stares drew them closer and closer. Their lips met enhancing the arousal. Without introduction they knew each other; every touch peaked more conversation. Their body language told all secrets, uncovered each window, and destroyed every wall. They eloped; his finger going inside her […]

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July 19, 2014


This morning at the gym I seen a man with one arm coming out the pool; first emotion was compassion, but then thought that is worse than laughing. The vanity of me to believe this man wanted my compassion.  Just because he looked like less didn’t mean he wasn’t more. Compassion should be saved for […]

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Spoon Feed

July 18, 2014


Anything complex can be said simply; anything simple can be made complicated. I can see why something complex can be broken down to its simplest form; so it can feed everybody. Now, why is something simple made complex? So it can feed a few. Though my writing challenges a person to think, it spoon feeds […]

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July 12, 2014


How could we enjoy making moments without working towards a lifetime? I remember a time in my life when I could have sex, leave the bed, and never look back. I realized that I’m a man who loves to stay in bed and look at my woman eye to eye; I prefer seeing what she […]

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Create Me

July 11, 2014


Create me how you would like me to be. Start with the way I stare at you during the passionate nights, to the crazy nights of passion; make me yours. Fix the way I deliver my messages. Repair the way I observe the room. Create me. Build someone worth your presence. Design someone to spread […]

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July 10, 2014


Why glance when you want to stare? Why walk when you rather stay? These games aren’t going to lure me in. My heart wants to spend the rest of its existence next to a heart that agrees to co-exist. We won’t play music; we will make it. We’ll be in tune with every note, be […]

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