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Will You Accept????

September 18, 2014


I have drank your tears, so thirsty to bring you happiness. I’ve caused tears when your actions attempted to tear me down. But, I believe that we will make it to the end without having to start over. I have faith that I want to be faithful to you going through life, living alongside you. […]

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Looking outside….

September 17, 2014


Sitting here with you, but I want to be with her; sitting there with her, but I want to be with you. A man’s penis is never satisfied enough to make his choices. Our minds are hunting the “new”, while discarding what was captured.  We feed our egos with possibilities that can never duplicate the […]

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September 15, 2014


You can hit “like,” but I want the Love of a comment; the beginning of a discussion that allows me to understand your thoughts by dissecting your heart. Let me feel the power of your words, whether you agree or disagree.  Can we spend time having dialogue to formulate progression?  I write to open minds […]

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Thank You

September 5, 2014


Your heart beating against mine soothes the night sweats that awaken me from my sleep. Having you to pull closer slows the pain of a rapid heart. The nightmarish thoughts of a past that went past haunts me, yet my reality is the realistic pleasure of a sweet embrace; interlocking  bodies rewards me with comforting […]

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The Process

September 1, 2014


Marriage reaches the stage of boredom because most people marry someone that will make them happy, not someone they want to make happy. Life is so rough because most try to be tough, when all the great pleasures come being from being softer. Death is so hard because most people approach death realizing they have […]

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It’s a Lifestyle

August 27, 2014


Love is a lifestyle, not an emotion! It’s the belief that someone will forever be in your best interest even when you are not. It’s them talking you through your pain when they’d rather be intimate.  It’s being truthful when lying is easier. It’s honoring every agreement and clearing up every disagreement. It’s a daily […]

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Parental Guidance

August 13, 2014


The disappointment in your child’s face is so hard to face; yet, we look them eye to eye, start nursing their wound, and hope it doesn’t scar. What is “just life” to us is the world to them. A part of parenting is understanding that our child/ren only sees the whole and not the sum […]

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