She Inhaled

She fell In-Love with me, but didn’t Love how she felt- losing control of her independence. She wanted to work with me, no longer alone. She thought she was done with Love but during one of our hugs, she exhaled, releasing all the past pain. She inhaled, looked in my eyes, and knew she wanted us to have a future. Yet, she is scared because I have her heart and if I break it, she believes she will die!!!!

Terrorism is Terrible Period

A bomb goes off, people are running for their lives; at that moment, do you believe they are thinking of race or survival? The ones that survived seen more deaths than most will see in a lifetime. It is sad that Paris is news and other countries losing lives daily aren’t publicized. It isn’t fair, that some people deem some lives less important than others; but people are mourning Loved ones. People have lost those closest to their hearts. I watched all ethnicities crying as one heartbeat because at that very moment they were common in flesh. So take a deep breath, respect the air you’re breathing, and mourn those that don’t have that privilege!!!!

Highlight the injustices, but don’t be unjust to do so….


I can show passion for sex, doesn’t mean I have passion for the person I have sex with. I can stay in the presence of anyone, doesn’t mean we have a future. I can use spiritual words like respect, acceptance, and loyalty, doesn’t mean I define them the same way as the people I promise them to. But if I truly want Love, I have to set my values so only certain people can afford me. I must be able to communicate the actions I want others to communicate to me. Most of all, I must continue to surround myself around people I can Love that Love’s me, and understands every understanding!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

Come Toward Peace

What can I say that hasn’t already been said? What thought of mine is truly complete when I am competing to be completed? How can I hope for others that lack hope themselves? I see your heart, feel your mind, and understand your future but you can barely be present. In and out of negative thoughts leading to negative actions. Frown on your face like it’s a strength, thinking you’re not hurting anyone but yourself. Smile! It’s okay. Let me in….because I will not accompany you in your misery. Come put your hand on my heart, it beats like yours. We are life….

Team Up for Life

I don’t agree that all we have are ourselves at the end of the day; that mentality just means you gave up. Having a strong group of friends to navigate through this life with is important. We weren’t born whole for a reason; we can find pieces that complete us. If we were born whole, we wouldn’t need Love from others. Family you are born into, so you don’t pick them; but your friends, you pick, so they reflect your beliefs, ideals, and standards. Never stop connecting because your true self will blossom best with others!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~ Continue reading

A Life Lived

The world is closing in, but that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t attempt to open it back up. I don’t accept being extinct; I won’t stand still; I will continue to show people the openings they can walk through. Disasters will strike, but we have to be resilient enough to reinvent paradise. Deaths will occur, but we have to be present in their absence. Tomorrow isn’t promised, but today is; live, love, and hope dreams of happiness and you will wake up to it. Don’t ever give up when you can get up. Never measure humanity by its imperfection when we have perfected so much. I will never see death until death sees me. As long as I can live, I can lead. As long as I can lead, I have the power to affect positive outcomes. I love breathing, not because the breaths don’t get short, but because I will always work towards the deep ones. I will inhale every last moment until I exhale my last moment!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

In Love We Find Faith

Your stare makes the bones in my knees brittle. Your smile hurts my cheeks because it’s infectious. The curves of your body causes my privates to be transparent. I feel so weak in your presence, yet I feel so strong when you are present. I believe a little more when you hold my hand. I have faith in happiness when you kiss me. When you speak, your words empty me of every doubt.

You are hope!!!!