I Breathe

If Love was a lifetime away, I will die tomorrow just to experience it. If she was the blessing of that feeling, I would chase her to be blessed. If I ever become so bitter I question Love, I would remember the sweetness of its presence and that would be my answer. When in their memory, I was lost; I can say I was never found; but when in their soul I was forgotten, then I can say I was forgiven. When living in their heart becomes a bill, I want to go somewhere I can live for free. When living in their mind becomes a doubt, I want to search for an absolute. I am a seeker of pure intoxicating Love; not the “like” that most will sober from. My quest is forever or never…. I will not live in between. My happiness will exist in the journey if I can’t be content with my destination. I am alive with my mind working as a compass to my hearts survival.


Why Can’t I Be Jesus

Why can’t I be Jesus? Why can’t I rebel against the law of the land, adding to biblical law in the process? Love entered me. God gave me a second chance to fulfill my purpose, and allowed me to use my life to suffer so others don’t have to. I’ve crossed paths with so many that would hang me to prevent my message from being nailed into the minds of the next generation. I’ve helped people, answering prayers when the world has brought them to their knees. Oneness has been my voyage to peace, yet individuality has us fighting overseas. I’ve reminded a cheating man what he is doing to his family; I’ve informed hustlers what they’re doing to their community, and I’ve challenged religion explaining what their doing to women who Love women and men who Love men; yet I’ve been called Judgmental. Why can’t I change the world? Making Love the largest faith known to man; teaching people to teach people until every person is educated in true dedication, devotion, loyalty, and passion.  Why not me????


She’s Right

She lies in my arms watching the stars from a 22 story building. A breeze enters the window as the moon disappears behind the cloud. She takes a deep breath, letting me know she feels happy and safe. The silence says so much about our connection. The sound of the city has romantized the moment. We are experiencing Love- pure, great, Love. And life isn’t enough!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~


I am able to inhale again. I am able to take in the scent of life once more. I put my heart into someone, breathing only for themselves. I counted their beats hoping  they were counting mine, just to find out we had the same number. I fought the bitterness of heart break and came out heartfelt. Dedication is a virtue I shared and will share again. Devotion is what I gave and will once more. I died and came back to life. I will find forever this time….My confidence is renewed and my faith is restored. I’m exhaling, knowing I will inhale again….

Why Did I Start Blogging????

Blogging was one big diary. People writing their secrets on the NET, under secret aliases. So, when I thought of blogging, I thought of women sitting at their computers trying to rewrite “Sex in the City”. I was ignorant and closed to the idea. Then, a friend of mine told me, I needed to start a blog.
What! Me, blogging? Was she under the influence?
“Do I look like I have a book of secrets? We all know how big I am on honesty and truthful relationships.” “That’s exactly why you should blog,” she said.  “People can benefit from your tools. You are, Mr. Fix it! You have such a straightforward ease to you, and the patience to get through to people.” She added, “You call a donkey a donkey, when most will call it a horse, just to spare feelings- when truth is a necessity. Plus, you have assisted so many live’s you come across. Now it’s time for you to extend your influence.”
” But how is blogging going to benefit anyone? Doesn’t a person have to build numbers to form those connections?”
” Well, Mr. AmazinglyBrash,(she says sarcacatically)you have been reaching one person at a time for as long as I knew you, why not start a community of bloggers? ” “Because, blogging is just for people who wish to be heard, they don’t want answers! ”
She pulled up a blog, (I was so opposed to the idea that I don’t even remember the blogs name)and I started reading its content, and instantly wanted to assist. The person seemed to genuinely want words that will correct her many misguided actions. So, I started blogging. 

One thing I noticed is, people ‘like’ more than ‘commenting’ – I have Facebook for that. So, sometimes I think why continue if people aren’t trying to build meanful connections? Then, I remember ‘One at a time,’ and I continue on continuing!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

Flat Line

My heart stopped beating the moment she walked out the door. I collapsed to my knees as if I were praying for redemption. Fell to my back, eyes wide open without sight, sound, or words. I flat lined two minutes later. The autopsy report showed a broken heart; yet, the black bag unzipped. I sat up, shaped like an L, and rose to my feet. It’s a miracle; walking, talking, and breathing! The true miracle is I am searching for love again!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~


Parental Guidance

The disappointment in your child’s face is so hard to face; yet, we look them eye to eye, start nursing their wound, and hope it doesn’t scar. What is “just life” to us is the world to them. A part of parenting is understanding that our child/ren only sees the whole and not the sum of its parts. They live in the moment; we have to teach them that moments are collected, and how we spend them will accrue wealth or bankruptcy. We should inform them that disappointment is endless, but it doesn’t have to be the end. Our control isn’t in our ability to prevent it but in our ability to recover; it’s okay to cry, let it out because if not, it’s going to eat them from the inside out. We are preparing them for a world that lacks perfection by encouraging them to sustain their purity!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~