He is a Father….

A man walks onto the train covered in children. One strapped to his chest, and the other two holding each hand. My first thought is struggle. But then I sat back and watched them interact and realized he’s not struggling at all. This is his life. He is a father and has accepted this role with an open heart. They left the train and I am a smarter man because they entered it….
~AmazinglyBrash ~

Don’t Let it Pass….

Have you ever looked someone in the eyes and knew they were destined for you? Have you spoken to someone and everything they were saying matched your every thought? Have you ever known you were in the presence of someone that you knew would never intend to hurt you? If you have witnessed any of those things, you have experienced faith….don’t let those moments pass.

She Deserves Heaven….

This morning, I was staring off in to space and I had a thought of losing My God Daughter. My eyes welt up and a tear dropped from my eye. I allowed myself to feel that pain, I didn’t fight it. It overwhelmed me and it was okay. It allowed me to see there is something greater than I. The Love I have for my little lady reminds me why I should fight for a “just existence”. She deserves a  beautiful place to co-exist!!!!


Setting Sail for Love

For years I have sailed the waters in search for land. The open sea has allowed me to visit many places, enjoy many things, and even leave with some souvenirs. What has escaped me is somewhere to dock my ship, somewhere I can unload my experiences. The last time I believed I have found such a place, I was ambushed by mixed emotions and uncertain thoughts. I loved the scenery and the heart of the land gave me a feel of retirement; I thought I would never sail again. Woke up one day ejected from my bed, rejected by paradise, with an understanding I can always visit but not stay. So, I am back on the tides in search for the type of home that I can grow old with; the type of soil I can plant seeds and raise them because they will be ours. I want to settle in a place that I feel placed, not continue to move from place to place. I am so sick of the sea that I am sea-sick. The voyage must go on, and the adventures will process. I won’t quit; either I’ll drown at sea or find that paradise costume made for me!!!!

Sewing Two into One….

If you’re not ready to build our relationship from the ground up, don’t sign up for construction. I will ask a lot of questions, expecting more answers. I want to know everything about anything involving you. I want to understand you inside out, though I was attracted to you from outside in. I believe in the process of getting to know you, but you have to believe in getting to know me. This relationship won’t be one-sided where you’re looking into my eyes and only see yourself. A great relationship is composed of a rhythm that matches the beat. It’s the bravery to open our minds and trust in our heart. It’s much more than what we feel; it’s how we feel. It’s far beyond what we think; it’s how we execute those thoughts. We are no longer independent, we’re co-dependent. Love will test if we are willing; willing to ignore every distraction and continue to work. Work towards a generation that will be comprised of our dedication. We will be a dynasty driven by our destiny; we will show the world we were destined to be us.

Share the Load

I can’t predict what you are feeling. All I can do is wrap my arms around you in hopes my warmth will enhance your temperature. I was not the cause of your mood, but I know I can affect whether your mood changes. There is no tragedy worse than pushing your Loved ones away when you experience something tragic. I am in your life as an enhancement, not just for my own advancement. I am here to provide what’s necessary, whether it be an ear, some words, or just a silent embrace. Don’t close up; this is the time to be open. Let me in; allow me to carry some of the pain. You believe it’s not too heavy, but it can be lighter if we’re both holding up our ends. It won’t be a burden unless you allow it to burn us; and even then I will use my last breath to extinguish the flames. I Love you, that means you have my heart and my undivided attention!!!!

Love is A Faith….

When I fall In-Love, I see the attributes of a person that I can pour my heart into. I look at the qualities they have that will maintain my heart. I see the brightness of a future that will never dim, and I close my eyes and follow the feeling of that warmth because I know it will never burn me. I have faith that I put myself in the hands of someone that I know will reconfirm that I Love myself.

For You, the feeling is something you chase, connecting with anyone that makes your heart skip regardless if you are certain whether they will catch you if you jump. You wonder more than are certain, curious more than know, and want to be with someone whom you can repair more than is repaired. You believe Love is drama over a set of actions that allow you to sleep through the night, so you let go of the person you had to work with to go after the person you have to constantly work for…. ~AmazinglyBrash~