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Violence Just Leads to Violets

Because your face is frowned up, I’m supposed to think you’re a killer? Is that supposed to be a warning sign you’re not to be fucked with? Homeboy, I am not here to invade your space, nor to play eye to eye games to prove I can out thug you. There has to be more […]

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Redefining “The American Dream”

The American Dream is for fiends that want the instance of gratification. They aren’t patient enough to cook, so they microwave every idea and sell it off as success; using others shoulders as a ladder to elevate them to the top, while pushing down each step so no one else can climb. Justifying the individual, […]

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Mirror Your Faith and It will Reflect onto the World

I am raising a young lady hoping she never becomes as bitter as the women I encounter while speaking of Love. I express that it’s something that two receptive parties have to agree upon and honor with their lives. They tell me they need to save for a rainy day, and no man is worthy […]

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Love Celebration

We get shuffled in the deck; life can deal us a wild card, but we are still playing our hands. Love has it’s place and it’s housed between two individuals that are ready to be indivisible. So many say, “Love should be celebrated every day,” in an attempt not to celebrate a day dedicated to […]

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Faithful of Faithfulness

A rare woman doesn’t see the world, but a home she returns to day after day enjoying that consistency. She doesn’t live in her head but in her heart. She never thinks she is missing a thing because she is full. She looks around her and pitties everybody for not being as wealthy as she […]

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My Heart Walked in

I could be between her thighs, but would that grant me her heart? I can read her mind, but would I be in her thoughts? I could bring her a rose for every day in January hoping to be her Valentine’s, or I can walk up to her and announce my intentions, telling her that […]

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Like Minds

Anyone that knows me knows that I am going through this life trying to collect rare people; people that see the simplicity in honesty and that uses straightforwardness as a lifestyle of true Love. These people and I will sacrifice being the “villian” to keep people honest. We’ll continue to lose, hoping others will eventually […]

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