January 14, 2013

The System of Believing


When we see someone in pain, it’s natural to be angry at the source of that pain. Our first response is to dry up the tears and plant a smile. Do we ever think that they did something so heinous that they should drown in their tears? Do we ever stop to consider that our comfort is meant for the person on the other end of those tears? People commit the largest act of disloyalty and shed tears not because they are ready to make amends, but because “they” lost someone loyal in the process. We preach forgiveness without educating people when a person is eligible to be forgiven or what forgiveness truly is. Forgiveness is the ability to recover from pain/betrayal. It’s having the peace of mind to emotionally and spiritually move past an event/s which harden the heart and cloud a person’s judgment. When is a person eligible for forgiveness? 1). When the person forgiving has a great reason to grant a second chance. 2). When they can fully accept that the action occurred but can clear the slate (not forgotten), and 3) When the person being forgiven not only shows why they should be forgiven, but give an adequate reason why the betrayal occurred in the first place. We have all been around people that have done wrong and tried to point out how something we did was the direct cause of that wrong. We have all encountered a person apologizing, but in the same breath implying that we’re being too hard on them. People find a way to emotionally blackmail us into believing we’re victimizing them. They find ways to offset their wrongs by pointing out wrong in us. This is a clever way to gain forgiveness, by concocting a reason to grant forgiveness. In a nut shell, forgiveness takes place within a person, not between two people because if a person hasn’t taken the steps to move passed the trauma, there isn’t anything the other person can do to change the pain/betrayal of their actions!!!!

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About Aziz Brown

Hello, I am AmazinglyBrash. I am a Spanish Harlem NYC native that loves love and use it to inspire others to love. I am a grandson, son, nephew, brother, cousin, uncle, god father, best friend, friend, and first of all a human being. I'm an optimistic Idealist that believes if you don't like your reality, change it; but if you don't have the energy to make the change, make the best of it. I am open to hear your every thought; I am just not going to listen to every thought. I am a blunt, morally driven, outspoken, loving honest man that will not settle for liking someone, when I can grow to love them. I am a faithful believer in faith and believing. I never wish or hope when I can act on making it a reality. I enjoy romance but I am more intrigued by the honesty of a relationship than the complacency of just trying to relate. I enjoy the meeting of the minds but love meetings of hearts. Tough love is my gift to the world; loving tough is my reward from God. Education is something I give as well as receive. I am AmazinglyBrash; my intention is to allow you to get to truly know me!!!!

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10 Comments on “Forgiveness”

  1. gingersnapgurl Says:

    It is easy to forgive but it’s hard to forget especially when that person has done a painful thing to you. Everything happens for a reason and that reason made you into a better person now. We just have to move on.


  2. imconfident Says:

    Forgiveness is not for the person who has done you wrong, it is something you do for yourself. Forgiving someone does not mean that you are forgetting what they did because you will never forget. Forgiving someone releases you from holding onto pain and suffering for what someone else has done. They will have to suffer for what they did, but you will be able to find peace. :)


    • AmazinglyBrash Says:

      “Forgiveness is the ability to recover from pain/betrayal”. We are saying the same thing….but to truly forgive you have to hope they arent being tormented by their crime against you!!!!


  3. Loopholes on Life Says:

    “Do we ever stop to consider that our comfort is meant for the person on the other end of those tears?” ~ Love this! Great perspective, thanks for sharing!



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