Reflecting on Sandy

December 2, 2012



We take so much for granted….these are the times that we realize how the small pieces make us whole. Stocking up on water and bread, hoping to have light and heat, but most of all we started to reflect on the people in our lives. We are not thinking about whom we are going to meet; we’re just hoping everybody we know survives the storm. Are you alone? I hope not because that would say a lot about the company you keep. Nobody should have to weather this moment alone, but if you are, you should rethink your approach to life.

The storm is picking up and we had a couple of days to prepare for the second we lose everything we believe we are granted. Just took a hot shower, eat some spaghetti, and now watching TV with the people I love. My family and friends are texting to make sure I am alive and well. I am texting them back to assure them I am. The wind is picking up; rain is falling like it was dumped out the sky. I am eighteen flights up so I have no fear of flooding but I do consider those on the first floor. I Hope they are well….we are witnessing a crisis. A time of need; all we want is tomorrow. We are praying for the end so we can begin again!!!!

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Hello, I am AmazinglyBrash. I am a Spanish Harlem NYC native that loves love and use it to inspire others to love. I am a grandson, son, nephew, brother, cousin, uncle, god father, best friend, friend, and first of all a human being. I'm an optimistic Idealist that believes if you don't like your reality, change it; but if you don't have the energy to make the change, make the best of it. I am open to hear your every thought; I am just not going to listen to every thought. I am a blunt, morally driven, outspoken, loving honest man that will not settle for liking someone, when I can grow to love them. I am a faithful believer in faith and believing. I never wish or hope when I can act on making it a reality. I enjoy romance but I am more intrigued by the honesty of a relationship than the complacency of just trying to relate. I enjoy the meeting of the minds but love meetings of hearts. Tough love is my gift to the world; loving tough is my reward from God. Education is something I give as well as receive. I am AmazinglyBrash; my intention is to allow you to get to truly know me!!!!

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