November 18, 2012



A child’s laugh can warm the coldest house; their footsteps bring a dead one to life. I love having my little girl parading around my home. She reminds me that I have so much to live for. I love having someone to pass my wisdom on to. Her eyes assure me that I am succeeding as a parent. Her smile reassures me that she is succeeding as a child. Just to think, there are people that take this job for granted, as if they can make up the work anytime they wish. It’s a 24 hour, seven days a week happiness! It’s a dream career that allows dreaming to become a career. Love is the greatest greatness that brings the great out of a person. Parenting is a hardship that is exceptionally rewarding. It gives us a chance to nurture the mind, body, and soul of another human being; which was created by the miracle of one moment. Now, at seven they are reading, writing, and reminding us of lost information from the second grade. It is precious; whether doing homework, watching movies, or just dancing around the house because we can. Are people really forced by the courts to do this? Wow!!!!

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About Aziz Brown

Hello, I am AmazinglyBrash. I am a Spanish Harlem NYC native that loves love and use it to inspire others to love. I am a grandson, son, nephew, brother, cousin, uncle, god father, best friend, friend, and first of all a human being. I'm an optimistic Idealist that believes if you don't like your reality, change it; but if you don't have the energy to make the change, make the best of it. I am open to hear your every thought; I am just not going to listen to every thought. I am a blunt, morally driven, outspoken, loving honest man that will not settle for liking someone, when I can grow to love them. I am a faithful believer in faith and believing. I never wish or hope when I can act on making it a reality. I enjoy romance but I am more intrigued by the honesty of a relationship than the complacency of just trying to relate. I enjoy the meeting of the minds but love meetings of hearts. Tough love is my gift to the world; loving tough is my reward from God. Education is something I give as well as receive. I am AmazinglyBrash; my intention is to allow you to get to truly know me!!!!

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6 Comments on “Parenting”

  1. coastalmom Says:

    Such a sweet post… I can see it incluced in a book that you give to her someday years from now. What a treasure that you have put it on paper. I love the thought about even in the coldest house…. I had set aside this weekend to write. Even being so bold to presume I would get through more of my book… when my granddaughter called me… we made playdough and I gave her a journal and she read me every page that she wrote over and over again…. Hmmmm I think I am rubbing off on her…. especially the reading stuff over and over to me part. LOL.
    Thanks for sharing!


    • AmazinglyBrash Says:

      Hello, How are you doing???? That’s a good idea to give her a book with all the different things she has inspired me to write. Hahahaha, Children have a way of getting us lost in their world but we love it; until we wake up and we are behind on a deadlines or something….I think she is rubbing off on you!!!! If she has half your personality she is good to go!!!!


  2. AmazinglyBrash Says:

    Thanks….She warms my heart-I’m a lucky Man!!!! She inspires so much emotion in me; I was blessed with her presence!!!!


  3. Robyn Lee Says:

    This is heartwarming AB ~ lucky little girl you have there !! :) RL


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