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Electing The Best

November 7, 2012


Electing The Best

They voted for a man to sweep up a mess that was impossible to clean up in four years; hiring a “scapegoat”, didn’t know he  would be living in the House  another four years. I am proud of America….We showed that we can pick the best man to create a nation worth marrying. Hope was […]

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Eyes Wide Open

November 7, 2012



I will never walk your path; only give you direction. I wouldn’t tell you where to go; only describe where I have been. I am no fortune teller, but I am the man of the future. What we hold dear today can be gone tomorrow; we have to preserve our present to give the next […]

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It’s not the struggle that brings us down, but the fear that dwells in our hearts and destroys our dreams

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