Life & Love

November 6, 2012

Worthy of Self

Life & Love

I close my eyes every night and thank God for the life I have. I am wealthy in love and poor in pain. I spend most of my day smiling. I don’t have a lot, but all I can see is that I have so much. My mind and my heart work together and I don’t ever sit when I can stand. I don’t hate when I can love, and, I don’t fear when I can live. We wake up every day and feel we have an idea of who we are, but during the day we find out who we truly are with all the challenges in our paths. Work to maintain who you say you are in the morning if it’s positive. If it’s negative, work to prove yourself wrong. Don’t fold under the pressure. Embrace it and smile because a day not enjoyed is a day lost!!!!

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About Aziz Brown

Hello, I am AmazinglyBrash. I am a Spanish Harlem NYC native that loves love and use it to inspire others to love. I am a grandson, son, nephew, brother, cousin, uncle, god father, best friend, friend, and first of all a human being. I'm an optimistic Idealist that believes if you don't like your reality, change it; but if you don't have the energy to make the change, make the best of it. I am open to hear your every thought; I am just not going to listen to every thought. I am a blunt, morally driven, outspoken, loving honest man that will not settle for liking someone, when I can grow to love them. I am a faithful believer in faith and believing. I never wish or hope when I can act on making it a reality. I enjoy romance but I am more intrigued by the honesty of a relationship than the complacency of just trying to relate. I enjoy the meeting of the minds but love meetings of hearts. Tough love is my gift to the world; loving tough is my reward from God. Education is something I give as well as receive. I am AmazinglyBrash; my intention is to allow you to get to truly know me!!!!

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11 Comments on “Life & Love”

  1. odiwywh Says:

    I love your thoughts.. And thanks for d quote you posted as a comment on my blog..


  2. imconfident Says:

    Your words are powerful and beautiful. I share your thoughts. Keep writing!


  3. Kristin Tran :) Says:

    This beautiful. Such a great way to look at the world…and a way we all should be embracing life!


  4. Robyn Lee Says:

    Lovely AB ~ Your approach is one that should be embraced by all ~ taught starting in kindergarten to the children… What a wonderful world it would be… Sending good thoughts your way today ~ and for each thereafter… ~RL


    • AmazinglyBrash Says:

      Thanks….I want to see the world that is in my head; I always wanted optimism to be everybody’s mentality. We can complain but I rather take the blame; We can prepare for the worst but I rather embrace the best; I am in love with love and I have no compassion for hate. Tough love tenders the heart!!!! I will accept your good thoughts and raise you great ones back at you!!!!


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