October 28, 2012



The failure of a relationship varies in reasons, but ultimately it stems from one/two believing it wouldn’t be in their benefit to continue. We can blame each other but it boils down to chemistry. Mix two substances that don’t belong together and it will blow up. We are groomed to put our best foot forward and once in the door show that the other foot has a defect. That advice does get us in the door but it doesn’t keep us there; hence the divorce rate being so high. Society puts a premium on instant gratification e.g. sex, money, and self-promotion, but the gratification will truly come from unity; taking the time to build a connection that will weather the storms, strengthen when tested, and most importantly be an example to link others. Let’s stop using our first date to be liked, and start using them to fall in-love. Allow the person across from you to know who they’re investing in “past”, “present”, and “future”. Let them know where you come from, who you are, and where you wish to be. Use God’s gift of choice to build a relationship that is based on two people merging to share the same lane, going to the same destination!!!!

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About Aziz Brown

Hello, I am AmazinglyBrash. I am a Spanish Harlem NYC native that loves love and use it to inspire others to love. I am a grandson, son, nephew, brother, cousin, uncle, god father, best friend, friend, and first of all a human being. I'm an optimistic Idealist that believes if you don't like your reality, change it; but if you don't have the energy to make the change, make the best of it. I am open to hear your every thought; I am just not going to listen to every thought. I am a blunt, morally driven, outspoken, loving honest man that will not settle for liking someone, when I can grow to love them. I am a faithful believer in faith and believing. I never wish or hope when I can act on making it a reality. I enjoy romance but I am more intrigued by the honesty of a relationship than the complacency of just trying to relate. I enjoy the meeting of the minds but love meetings of hearts. Tough love is my gift to the world; loving tough is my reward from God. Education is something I give as well as receive. I am AmazinglyBrash; my intention is to allow you to get to truly know me!!!!

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15 Comments on “Realationship”

  1. PryncesSyndrome Says:

    Yes, and stop allowing our “representatives” to show up and damage any and sometimes ALL possibilities….loved the post!


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Simply amazing post..


  3. jnonymous81 Says:

    Hi Ab glad to see you’re still posting, since you’re in the NYC area!!


  4. hastywords Says:

    Just talked to a good friend on the way to lunch today going through the issue of continuing or letting go.


    • AmazinglyBrash Says:

      It depends on the issues…. if letting go will enhance your emotional and mental health let go and don’t look back but if stay will give you a lifetime of happiness and the good triples the bad then stay!!!!


  5. maureenlermer Says:

    AMAZING AGAIN… reading this.. sometimes i have the feeling.. im getting no where… i have tried my best, but it seems my best was not enough and then i start asking myself.. i get doubts.. but now i know.. You can only have a true relationship when both chemistry is right… not money… can buy a good relationship…



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