Celebrate Us


We fight for the strength to maintain happiness. We pray for the comfort of a steady lifestyle, hoping the devil doesn’t knock at our door. We vary in faith, but are common in flesh. We believe in winning, but hate to see others lose. We are a kind and loving race, whom commit acts of the mind, which blackens our spirits. Some are birthed in questions; others, with answers, either way we’re searching to be linked. Study so much, learn so little, and capable of everything. We are mankind; full of possibilities, amazed by the impossible, but exist in the fact. We dream life while living our dreams. We’re fighters of happiness! We are God’s children! We are Love!!!!



Your Hug


I am trapped in your hug; the first time I felt your heart beat against mine it drove me out of my mind. The only sanity was knowing your embrace would be my future, as long as I didn’t live in the past. I have heard songs about this feeling; now they all make sense. They say I’m a fool for falling so fast, but they haven’t experienced the certainty of Love. What was once wise words are now other-wise. You don’t have a choice when it’s the real thing. It’s a hurdle too high to jump and a hole too steep to climb out of; it’s an emotion too strong to run from. The greater thing is you don’t want to try to jump, climb, or run; you want its fate to become your faith. Dam, this feels so good it hurts. I have lusted; been infatuated, but could never understand what I was missing in being In-Love. Always seen the tears and disregarded the smiles; now I see the tears existed because they cherished the smiles. I never understood home until you wrapped your arms around me!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

Honesty Is

I am not judgmental when I say you’re assertive,
But I am when I call you lazy.
I am telling the truth when I say you are pretty,
But I am lying when I call you ugly.
I’m right for saying you’re right,
But wrong for saying you’re wrong.
I have integrity when I stand up for you,
But when I stand by someone else I don’t.
I am positive when I say what you want to hear,
until I mention what you need to hear and then I am negative.
I am everything until you decide I am nothing.
But guess what, I am everything until I decided I am nothing!!!!

Don’t Miss the Train….

I just missed the train; watching it pull away reminds me how slim of a chance, “a chance”, can be. Not raising your hand when you can change minds; not exploring the mind that catches your eyes; allowing pride to prevent a relationship that has been a promotion. Fearing success; passing the ball when you should have shot, losing when you believe you could have won. Confidence removes all the doubt. Jump in the water to see if you can swim. If you almost drown, show character by trying until you sink or are able to swim. Risk death to live! When the door cracks, slip through it. When the present is presented, be present.  Don’t wait to get called, dial their number; when your phone rings answer it. Believe until you are unbelievable,  be impossible by showing the world what is possible.  Take the stage and audition until you are an addition. Listen to the can’ts until they are drinking from the cans. Bottle up hope to quench the hopeless. Wake up five minutes earlier so you have a chance to catch that train!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~ #DreamAwake

Sharing the Load….

I can’t predict what you are feeling. All I can do is wrap my arms around you in hopes my warmth will enhance your temperature. I was not the cause of your mood, but I know I can effect whether you’re mood changes. There is no tragedy worse than pushing your Loved ones away when you experience something tragic. I am in your life as an enhancement, not just for my own advancement. I am here to provide what’s necessary, whether it be an ear, some words, or just a silent embrace. Don’t close up; this is the time to be open. Let me in; allow me to carry some of the pain. You believe it’s not too heavy, but it can be lighter if we’re both holding up our ends. It won’t be a burden unless you allow it to burn us; and even then I will use my last breath to extinguish the flames. I Love you, that means you have my heart and my undivided attention!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~ #DreamAwake

This Isn’t For You to Read

I knew you would open this anyway. I knew you would be more interested in my “secrets” than my “truths”. What do you want to know? Would you believe me or would you need proof? I have sinned. I hung a man, from a roof, by his feet. I thought respect was best served through violence. I was a product of an environment which reinforced that very theory.  NOW, a loaded gun, is placed, to my head- trigger pulled, then jammed. I survived. I looked in that man’s eyes. He was so scared- He had the right to be. Death resonated in my eyes. He knew, yet I didn’t. A feeling grabbed me and I allowed him to walk. Somehow, this was the payment for a multitude of wrongs. I accepted. I was saved. No rage, just the simplicity of understanding. I was challenged, “You’re able to build one hundred murderers, but are you able to match that total in Saints?”

If you are reading this, I want to add you to my total, because I accepted!!!!

Worship Me

My aim in life is to create as many clones of myself as possible! I want the world to mirror me from head to toe. I want them to walk as I walk, talk as I talk, even think as I think. Any person whom doesn’t conform to these demands, will be punished with space; out in orbit, where being an individual takes center stage. I want to be worshipped- so my greatest accomplishment can be looking in the face of others and seeing my reflection. I’m so vain- that I can’t take the spotlight being shined on anyone but me! Maybe, here’s a thought: I want to be able to speak as you speak, walk as you walk, talk as you talk, or even express how I think. Without being labeled the “Bully”, cast as the “Scapegoat”, or anointed the “Dictator”. Ever ponder that the space between us is because I don’t agree with who you are, and, not that I want you to be me? Better yet, could it be that YOU don’t agree with who you are and you’re scared that we actually agree on something. Causing you to rethink your position in life, tear down what you built, and start all over?
Please worship me because I need to be defined!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~ #DreamAwake