I Look Ahead….

Falling short is something I do daily, yet I continue reaching to stand tall by the end of the night. I look people in the eyes and see miracles by challenging them to have faith in logic before envisioning what’s beyond us. When I witness complacency, my first thought is to replace it with the perfect place, encouraging happiness in a world that believes misery is the only realistic outcome; never realizing that happiness is what’s real, and misery is just our escape from reality!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

The Human Experience

The human experience is the only thing I expect on this Earth before I leave in smoke. I am a black man that understands Love is important because I have been educated about what hate is. Anger isn’t my weapon because killing will never solve inequality. Injustice will never create justice. I am a son designed to be a role model for my  younger brothers as well as everyone that comes in contact with me. I see all these women ready to drop their panties, but it doesn’t mean I have to drop my draws when I can show them how to respect themselves by  asking to get to know them. I am a spirit providing hope for people that cry themselves to sleep as they suffocate in their pillows, praying to remain asleep because they are afraid to live their lives all over again, looking for someone to pave a path that leads to something they can actually believe into existence. I am Love; faithful to my life supply until I can’t use my tools to fix what is broken in the world. I have faith running through every step I walk because I want to assure that those behind me can follow until it’s time for them to take the lead; inspiring several to group together and give inspiration to several more until every last person has peace within the Human Experience!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~


When you have to remind someone that love exist, the only time they will believe, is in your absence. A pessimist drains a person of their juice and leaves the core! Painful experiences are used to gain faith in not having faith, and what was once alive, is now haunting them! They went from advocating for God to being the Devils greatest salesman; collecting more wounded souls and healing them with hate; leaving them anticipating the worst, and never allowing themselves to truly enjoy their best! ~AmazinglyBrash~

Water Evaporated

The storm subsided, water evaporated; yet there is still residue from your hurtful intentions. We spoke, but the passion of reconciliation never resonated. An apology was given, but it couldn’t be characterized as a sorry. I can see you searching for where I went wrong more than accepting that you were wrong. Your attempt wasn’t comforting, your words weren’t consoling; it wasn’t for nothing but it ended at nothing. We are clearly blurred and we won’t see eye to eye; our relationship has died. ~AmazinglyBrash~

Every Life is Counted

We’re crumbs crumbling in silence, hoping to be heard around the world. Looking to please in pleasure, but falling short of every heart; not seeing the millions saved, but the one lost. Questioning being heroic when there are still villains among us. Contemplating retirement in an endless job, we go in labor preserving birth. Tears water the room where gardens are formulated, understanding to stand for peace; war must be raged. Contradict any attempt not to become the monster. The lines move over the words causing use to rethink our approach as an error. Whom are we to save souls that take pride in being soulless? Selfishly searching for selfishness in the selfless to maintain their sense of self. Yet, an altruist continues to believe we exist. ~AmazinglyBrash~

Went Running and had to Walk

Ran to the Bronx on one knee, thinking I found my bride, until I had to negotiate for her heart because it was held hostage by the past. Eventually she said we had a future; drove off hearing wedding bells. Once I parked, the bells I heard was a phone call calling it off. The ring was put on layaway, a payment for being over eager. She came running on her knees telling me she made a mistake, but the offer was off the table, though I still wanted her as my dish. So, we dated until she can be whole so we can be wholehearted, never broken into halves. We circled the idea for several years, but we got dizzy a month ago. She was removed, I was stained; so I said the words, but she committed the action. The past was too strong for us to be a future, forever was lost!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

Think Before You Cheat

My eyes closed, never to open again. I have blackened the purity of a Saint by believing life had more to offer than the devotion and dedication of a heart that continued to return home night after night. I spent several nights sharing the first light with someone I never intended to be my flame; now I have burnt destiny and my fate is sight, seeing the clarity of why it was a blessing to be disabled. When I was blind I smelled forever, touched the moment, and heard the melodies of a heart that allowed my blood to dance through my veins. But that wasn’t enough, I had to prove I was able to correct my lens by looking further than the Love that was in front of me. Now my eyes are closed never to be opened again, because I  have traded blind faith for blind regret!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~


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