Only the Brave….

My road is straight and narrow
It’s forward and focus
It’s honest and Open
It’s Loving but hated
It’s only for few not many
It’s misunderstood by the misunderstood
It’s consistent and confident
My road leads and whoever doesn’t want to follow, you can curve!!!! #DreamAwake

A Story Of Mental Cheating….A Man’s Fear

She said she wants to be a house wife, now she’s in the house contemplating if she wants to be a wife at all. Cooking, cleaning, ironing, waiting; she feels stagnant in her life. Her husband rushes home to a wife that gives him life after working a job that lessens him, yet he still feels more when he is home; she balances him. He enters the door and is greeted with a hug, kiss, and a, “How was your day?” “Same oh, Same oh,” he replies. She thinks the same in her head, wishing it can be different, oh so different.  He adds, “Glad that I am home holding the woman I  Love.””How was your day?” “Great! Dinner is ready, house is clean, clothes ironed, and you are home.” They eat, watch a movie, turn off the television, and cuddle up in different perspectives!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~ #DreamAwake

Being Honest

My honesty has kept me out of drama but in infinite heartbreak. I’m forced to walk away from so many people because I always choose principles over the students. I Love my standard of living, yet I never understand why so many choose to live otherwise. God gives us choice because God doesn’t want anyone to feel forced to strive for perfection. I model that image; so I empathize with God, having to watch the devil play with so many of his/her children. I am forced to watch people I Love go down roads instead of going up hills. I sit back and wait for them to become ready to surround themselves with honest Love!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~ #DreamAwake

A Cause Can Effect

My thoughts encourage others to have the courage to act. The man with the gun in his hand shouldn’t have all the power; I’ll die to inspire others to be inspirational. From one leader to another, move your movement in the right direction because there’s too much traffic in negativity. I am positive the roads are clear in righteousness….

~AmazinglyBrash~ #DreamAwake

Fighting to the End

I know that great honesty and Loving relationships will lead to world peace. I know world peace will take everyone believing in the same virtues, yet playing different roles. I know I am fighting an endless war, battling daily for people to see how important unity is. But, I also know I must continue because I look in my God daughter’s eyes knowing I can’t say I Love her if I quit dedicating my life to leave her a better existence!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~


After long nights and early mornings, my novel is finally finished. “Happily Forever, Why Wait for the After?” reminds us that we can build a strong romantic relationship on substance. Two people can actually open their mouths and express what they are thinking. This book challenges us to look inside of ourselves, around us, and in the eyes of someone we Love through the relationship of two characters building a life together.

Coloring and Molding

If my art crafts a world that can function in peace, then people can make billions off my words and I would still share the wealth. If my consistency is maintained and my faith is never broken, I will continue to persist as a constituent. My mind belongs to the world and my heart is devoted to the Heavens. Hell, my mind and heart is dedicated to making this world Heaven. The endless work of repairing can cause a person to break down, but the satisfaction of seeing someone repaired always builds me back up. I am educated enough to articulate my thoughts, and heartfelt enough to take action; I am a force to be reckoned with, yet I don’t use it recklessly. I enjoy seeing others truly live. I Love challenging people to live truthfully. Some believe it’s not my place, but I remind them I pay rent like everybody else. I will speak when others remain speechless. I will act while others continue to be actors. I just want to heal by killing-killing. Remember, we are human beings, and survival takes being humane; so when my craft is reality, it will be a work of art!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~


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