The Sacrifice for Loyalty

I am extremely close with the women in my life; they happened to be failed romantic relationships that turned into great friendships. When I speak to other women, they question the closeness of our future because my friends and I have been intimate in the past. These same women are presently staying with men that have or are cheating on them. They criticize me about not giving up my friendships to be with a romantic partner. I tell them, “Any romantic partner that would ask me to sacrifice what’s great in my life to be with them, isn’t a suitable partner for me.” They then say I will be single for the rest of my life. I tell them, “If I have to be disloyal to gain someone’s loyalty, then the single life is for me.” Insecurity should never be nurtured in a relationship. I have never cheated or betrayed a partnership, so why would any woman be worried about me starting now? If I wanted to pursue my friends, I wouldn’t wait to be in a relationship to do so. Your men couldn’t be this close with women because they don’t have the intrigue and self-respect I have; they would try to benefit sexually from the friendships; that’s not my focus. Yes, I do evaluate whether I can be with my friends while I am single because I want to exhaust my potential for happiness; but I will never build a connection with another woman to destroy it by cheating two women. They say, “You are human, so the more time you spend with ‘your friends,’ the higher the risk of you being intimate with them.” I say, “Yes, I am human, so that also means the more I spend time with ‘my friends,’ they can also push us further apart. Pessimistic thoughts don’t entertain optimistic outcomes.” I can actually fall In-Love with a woman and have friendships with great women (whom I have dated in my past). Women start to think with a man’s mind. Men like new pussy more than old pussy; most take any pussy available, but it’s the new women you should focus on because that’s who he will leave you for. But in all the madness there are men who actually want True-Love and are faithful to that Love….My name is Aziz Brown and I am one of them!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

You Never Heard Me

Ultimately you never forgave him, so I was forgotten. You ran back into his halfway parted arms, hoping they were closed behind you, leaving the work of paradise for the passion in Hell. I felt your unresolved solutions and we couldn’t evolve in evolution. A man that was once painted the villain is now your hero, expressing that the tales you have told was misunderstood and my ears malfunctioned, my comprehension was hindered, and conceptually I had a problem processing the concept. You cried wolf and our house was blown down. He saved you from the rubish and left me buried in your empty promises. I hope you are fulfilled!!!!

United By Hate

Pain runs down my cheek and forms bloody streams that flow into a river of lies, doubt, and uncertainty. I close my eyes and dream of truth, love, and purpose. I became an Idealist continuously preaching self-discovery. As I blink, I realize I am being pulled into a selfish reality that puts black against white, women against men, and straight against gay while masking 90% poor whom only see difference. ~AmazingBrash~

I Look Ahead….

Falling short is something I do daily, yet I continue reaching to stand tall by the end of the night. I look people in the eyes and see miracles by challenging them to have faith in logic before envisioning what’s beyond us. When I witness complacency, my first thought is to replace it with the perfect place, encouraging happiness in a world that believes misery is the only realistic outcome; never realizing that happiness is what’s real, and misery is just our escape from reality!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

The Human Experience

The human experience is the only thing I expect on this Earth before I leave in smoke. I am a black man that understands Love is important because I have been educated about what hate is. Anger isn’t my weapon because killing will never solve inequality. Injustice will never create justice. I am a son designed to be a role model for my  younger brothers as well as everyone that comes in contact with me. I see all these women ready to drop their panties, but it doesn’t mean I have to drop my draws when I can show them how to respect themselves by  asking to get to know them. I am a spirit providing hope for people that cry themselves to sleep as they suffocate in their pillows, praying to remain asleep because they are afraid to live their lives all over again, looking for someone to pave a path that leads to something they can actually believe into existence. I am Love; faithful to my life supply until I can’t use my tools to fix what is broken in the world. I have faith running through every step I walk because I want to assure that those behind me can follow until it’s time for them to take the lead; inspiring several to group together and give inspiration to several more until every last person has peace within the Human Experience!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~


When you have to remind someone that love exist, the only time they will believe, is in your absence. A pessimist drains a person of their juice and leaves the core! Painful experiences are used to gain faith in not having faith, and what was once alive, is now haunting them! They went from advocating for God to being the Devils greatest salesman; collecting more wounded souls and healing them with hate; leaving them anticipating the worst, and never allowing themselves to truly enjoy their best! ~AmazinglyBrash~

Water Evaporated

The storm subsided, water evaporated; yet there is still residue from your hurtful intentions. We spoke, but the passion of reconciliation never resonated. An apology was given, but it couldn’t be characterized as a sorry. I can see you searching for where I went wrong more than accepting that you were wrong. Your attempt wasn’t comforting, your words weren’t consoling; it wasn’t for nothing but it ended at nothing. We are clearly blurred and we won’t see eye to eye; our relationship has died. ~AmazinglyBrash~


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