I Woke up Like This

Another early start, waking up to add some words to my life story. Highlighting every joyful moment in the past so I can duplicate the emotion over and over again. Deleting the mistakes of yesterday, writing in the corrections today, so tomorrow is perfected. I will be unafraid to Love yet fear hate. I’ll dream a reality and live life to death. I will use today to piece together my happiness and go to sleep knowing I ended the day with four explanation marks!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~



I would like to take the time (first thing in the morning) to show my appreciation for my team, whom continuously helps me stay on course. Ya’ll have kept me focused on my work by challenging me to go outside of my comfort zone. Our vision is in sight and we are on the path to changing  people’s mentalities from all walks of life. Our foundation is set, Let’s start building a better world on it!!!!

Like Minds

A coworker and I were having a discussion about settling and she said “nobody is perfect”, I told her “I rather be around the A students of life than the B, C, D, and F”…. We aren’t talking about perfection,  we are talking about maintaining a standard of excellence!!!!

Heartfelt Music

My written passion is R&B, but if I have to make your Hip Hop I’ll definitely write something to make the crowd Rock. My Versatility allows me to Pop out something classical showing you that Neo-Soul. When your days are Blues I’ll paint them yellow, providing  sunshine within the dark; blending your moods until the colors are Techno, proving that the human heart is Heavy Metal, unbreakable!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

Rainy Perspective

The rain is pain to some, but healing for others. Old injuries aching as soon as you roll out of bed. Memories of a lost Love and the warmth of their body. It’s as simple as having to change the outfit you ironed the night before because you don’t look at the forecast. For so many the water falling from out the sky reminds them of tears they have shed in the past. Persistent rain fall is the ending of a drought; crops growing for farms trying to nurture the world with nutritional vegetables growing from the soil of hope. It’s cuddling up with someone you want to hold so close ya’ll are no longer two people. Looking out the window, reminded of all the joy that left your eyes when satisfaction was present. Walking out in the moisture, cleaning and washing away every wound, healing bacteria free. Rain is a flood for some and the quenching of a thrist for others!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

We Have A Choice….

Do I have to save the whole world collectively to be acknowledged as an answer? Do I have to question everything for people to believe I am open-minded?  I’ve sat in groups and challenged them to challenge each other and the silence became dense.  I’ve encouraged “open minds” to see the world from my eyes because I have already looked through theirs; and nothing. I’ve smiled at a frown, fought for peace, and enriched the poor; but it seems that nothing has changed. The poor are still fighting to produce frowns; but that’s with one eye closed. I opened the other and seen laughter,  peaceful joy, and the enrichment of people working with one other. I opened both eyes and seen the world for what it truly is,  people breaking while others fixing; people killing while others giving birth,  and people conspiring while others inspire. I shut one lens, choosing to be an optimist, walking handicapped until I can see the same view with both eyes opened!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~


When multiple women are around a man people natural think he is running all of them in circles but do people ever stop to think that the man is waiting for one of them to stop going in circles so they can stand still together????

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