Happy Thanksgiving, I’m in Great Hands

I inhale the food that is cooking around me, while looking at the Love that surrounds me; I am thankful. I close my eyes and give thanks for having the heart to give. This day reminds me why I fight so hard to keep the right people in my circle, because I can fall back and I am sure I will be caught. Once the food is done, our bellies will be full but our hearts are already fulfilled…. God, thanks for giving me a great life with Love as my Religion!!!!

Choose Your Surrounding Wisely

The seed will be planted by someone claiming to be close, but you are just an enemy that they are playing close. They pretend someone is out to get you and they are saving your life, but actually they are planning your death. Why? Just because they can; they get pleasure from watching others get tangled in their deceit. They are addicts of power. What would make them powerless is sitting down and communicating with your so called enemies, eliminating the neutral third party-neutralizing the problem, and possibly realizing y’all aren’t enemies at all. The threat is in your ear….

You Are Everything

No, you’re not the only woman that wants to spend the rest of her life with me, but you are the only woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. You take care of me like a number one priority; I need for nothing and don’t want anything more. My heart continues to gain life in your presence. Love is defined when you are in my arms. Hope is restored when your words match every action. There’s no doubt that you Love me and I you, so why would you think I would leave you? Yes, we argue for clarity, but that’s because I don’t want to sail in the wrong direction. I express that I see other women in attraction, but I capture all their attributes in one woman. We have moments of silence, but I am thinking about us for a large portion of those moments. It’s okay for you to be confident- you’re doing an exceptional job. Save your humility when you’re wrong and need to be corrected. I’ll be a fool for leaving. You’re my nutrients and my belly is full; I have no desire to eat any other fruit. My word is as good as it gets; if I want to leave you, you’ll be the first to know. Some days while thinking about you tears run down my cheek and I am absent of stress. You and home are the same place. I’m happy with the consistency of your Love, so you can be assured that I am reassured in us. You have me until death!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

Homeboy told me he only likes women who likes him, yet he speaks of a women he can marry but won’t push up….sounds like low self-esteem to me. Put your heart on the line and risk failing the test- it’s  the greatest success. If she says yes, you have a wife….if she says no, man up and be her friend- because if you fell for her, she is worth being in your life forever….win-win homeboy….do it!!!!

He Needs to Step Up

Is it Woman’s rights Or is this man right?

I enter a “get together”- music’s mellow, everybody’s surprised I came out. One woman I know started to mess with me, talking about “Why y’all stressing him, you can’t ever see his penis through his sweats”(inside joke). So I responded, “You are cute, nice complexion, but you sure you’re black with that ironing board for a butt.” She started laughing and snapping some more. Let’s say I was getting the better of her, but she figured I would because we do this regularly. An afro-centric women, I barely know started saying, “Why are downplaying this woman? I just wrote an article about a woman that committed suicide because she was being teased.” So, I am assuming she is a writer. I let her finish, then looked at her and said, “First off, she started when I walked in, but you didn’t acknowledge that. Second, you are assuming her self-worth is so low that she would take her life based on my views of her. Lastly, why do you believe she needed your assistance? Aren’t we equals? Isn’t it one person vs one person? You were the one being unfair by trying to make it two….you just set the women’s movement back a few years by opening your mouth. Her friends looked at her, as to say, you messed with the wrong one. Me and the woman I knew started to dance, continued to laugh, and enjoyed the “get together” ….

People will always search for a “cause”!!!!

She Inhaled

She fell In-Love with me, but didn’t Love how she felt- losing control of her independence. She wanted to work with me, no longer alone. She thought she was done with Love but during one of our hugs, she exhaled, releasing all the past pain. She inhaled, looked in my eyes, and knew she wanted us to have a future. Yet, she is scared because I have her heart and if I break it, she believes she will die!!!!

Terrorism is Terrible Period

A bomb goes off, people are running for their lives; at that moment, do you believe they are thinking of race or survival? The ones that survived seen more deaths than most will see in a lifetime. It is sad that Paris is news and other countries losing lives daily aren’t publicized. It isn’t fair, that some people deem some lives less important than others; but people are mourning Loved ones. People have lost those closest to their hearts. I watched all ethnicities crying as one heartbeat because at that very moment they were common in flesh. So take a deep breath, respect the air you’re breathing, and mourn those that don’t have that privilege!!!!

Highlight the injustices, but don’t be unjust to do so….