I Am Passionate

My voice tone grows deeper in passion when I see someone I Love sell their days short; my inspiration lengthens. When I care, I’m not careful. I go as hard as my heart can take me, giving my all to ensure happiness isn’t just mine but ours. When they fight me, I fight for them. When they doubt me, I refuse to prove what already has been proven. So when my voice deepens with passion, remember that passion is for you, not against you. It’s because I am passionate about you!!!!


Leaders can’t come to the table with opinions; they must have food for thought based on the facts. We must send “the people” we influence out the door equipt to exercise their freedom of speech, while using their words to encourage freedom through speech; inspiring others to voice opinions which effectively reflect knowledge, not blind ambition!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

Maintain Love

Remember, Love is a faith that measures our ability to do what’s right, not just for us but for those around us. We have to maintain a mentality that reflects our heart regardless of the blackness we may encounter. We must count the steps until we reach the destination that will house our integrity. Once there, never apply the gasoline just because they lit a match; blow it out extinguishing any change to burn down the Heaven you built!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

Hold Her

The greatest wealth of mankind is a kind woman; a woman that will lift your head forward and tell you to march until you’ve aquired everything you desire, but she will also remind you she is the most valuable person in your life, making you never forget the combination to keep her safe!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

Time to Act

Time watches us shorthand most people we encounter, clocking everything they do while sitting still like we are saving the light of day. Wishing we can push an hour back, yet wasting a moment by allowing an hour to pass. The tocks continue to tick the minute we second guess our plans. We plant the night, morning the days, certainty is evening us out causing doubt to surface. Too alarmed to sleep, so we count from one to twelve and we are back where we started again!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

Everyone Should Have a Village

When building a team, you want steady hands and stable minds. You want one track going in the same direction, moving until the destination is reached, refusing to be derailed by the traffic that threatens to stop the teams progress. You want a group that empowers one another with the fuel of togetherness, effectively succeeding in the satisfaction of oneness. When one slips, two will lift them to greater heights than they recently fell from, making the group an unstoppable force that wouldn’t forfeit even in death!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~ #DreamAwake

She is Going to be Her

This woman wakes up everyday to give her boss her left because she still has to write. She keeps her department afloat, but when the promotions were handed out, she sank; her boss allowed her to drowned. When she asked for an explanation, sand bags were tied to her ankle, making it hard for her to doggy paddle. Now, she wakes up looking in the eyes of equals that shouldn’t be equalivant to her and to people above her that can barely be her equal. Integrity maintains her work ethic, and family maintains her spirit. Someone will see this woman’s worth, and value her with the position she deserves. Nothing can stop her, she is confident she’ll breathe again!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~ #DreamAwake


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