I was a cry baby growing up because I lacked the proper skill to express my emotions. I was violent as a teen because I believed it was the only way to truly gain respect. I cut school because I felt education wouldn’t pay my bills like blood money would. I was selfish, thinking about me; I didn’t give a fuck about anyone else. Now, I cry when babies die too early and I am masterful at expressing every letter of my emotions. I believe respect is acknowledged when someone Loves you, not hates you in fear. I make peace before tearing the world in pieces. Education is my wealth of choice, so money don’t move me. Now I give a fuck enough to impregnate everyone I encounter with a healthier new born mentality!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~ #DreamAwake

Don’t Use Forgiveness as an Excuse

A person that works towards his/her best needs no forgiveness, because they see the pain of flaw in hopes to erase it from humanity’s description. A person that drinks a bottle daily relies on intoxication to commit a multitude of betrayals, scapegoating all his/her indecretions as a disease. Yet, we treat them with care, using our harshest form of  judgment for those whom strive to correct  mankind by trying to abolish forgiveness, encouraging people to walk straight lines so we have no reason to be forgiven. We doubt the people who see certainty in us the most; those that would rather hand us a book than a blunt; rather be blunt than whisper; the people that would allow a drunken person to fall on his/her face until they are ready to get up on their own, sobering up, and joining the rest doing their best. We are so worried about someone trying to play God that we are encouraging people to become devils, justifying every sin with help paid in taxes, but only can loan a student tuition. Why would we be “all we can be” when it will cost us? Why not be a free ride so people feel sorry for us? It pays to be great; while the devious just spend, the debt accumulates because we count on a system that would prefer to organize crime than give our Great leaders credit. And so many question why we’re morally bankrupt!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~ #DreamAwake

Cruelty isn’t the Cure

People will justify anything; whether you have been cheated on, abused, raped, shot, kidnapped, or survived Cancer, there isn’t any reason to mistreat a stranger. “Maybe he or she is having a bad day” isn’t an excuse not to correct them or put them in their place. “You don’t understand what they have been through” is never a good enough reason to put others through hell. Either they are going to let someone in, or keep the world out, but they should not use their past to justify not having a better future. Instead of justifying negative behaviors, encourage them to speak and heal from the trauma. Time isn’t going to rewind just because someone wants to fast forward, so if we need to pause and gather our thoughts we must understand the world will be a different place when we hit play. We have one life but several chances to have the life we want. We should strive endlessly until the end. We are the script to our movie; so though we can’t control the other characters, we can always take control of ours!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

Independent Thinking

Independence. Why do so many want to be separate? This whole independent thinking campaign was derived to encourage people to rise above negative influence, not challenge people who are leading you in the right direction. Just like all the bible verses I see posted on my feed being misused to justify selfishness in “God’s” honor. Every quote, every verse, every word of widsom applies to growing the flowers in us, not the weeds. So, independent thinking is to weed out all the negativity in our lives, not avoid being educated by the positivity coming into our lives!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

Think About It….

The best woman on Earth couldn’t keep a man from cheating; he has to morally and logically believe in faithfulness. There isn’t a man on Earth that can satisfy a woman; she has to be satisfied with that man. He can be great in bed, she can get the best head, and both minds will continue to explore more. The only way two people can truly have a happily ever after is to fall In-Love with eachother without representation. As long as that is frowned upon, healthy relationships will continue to be beyond reproach!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~ #DreamAwake

Playing the Villain

I was told not to ask a question that I already know the answer to, so I tell people my answer and they are upset I didn’t question them first; and I’m cocky? They tell me not to say what’s on my mind, yet they claim to mind the lie; and I’m controlling? They turn facts into opinions, morals into perspective, and God into a dictator; and I’m the manipulator? They make faith a weakness, Love a disease,  and wisdom a curse; and I’m the threat? They say groups are cultish, leadership should sink, togetherness is robotic; and I’m washing brains? Am I dreaming I am playing the hero when I am truly the villain???? ~AmazinglyBrash~

Start Living

You must trust 100% to surrender to the idea of trust. You must surrender 100% to truly allow someone to plant you, water you, and give you sun so you can grow. You must surrender to the idea that Loving someone means they will be able to hurt you the most, but they won’t because they will want to lift you the most. Surrendering to Love is giving your soul to God but mind and body to people you believe will die to see you happy and live to witness happiness. ~AmazinglyBrash~


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