A child’s laugh can warm the coldest house; their footsteps bring a dead one to life. I Love having my little girl parading around my home. She reminds me that I have so much to live for. I Love having someone to pass my wisdom on to. Her eyes assure me that I am succeeding as a parent. Her smile reassures me that she is succeeding as a child. Just to think, there are people that take this job for granted, as if they can make up the work anytime they wish. It’s a 24 hour, seven days a week happiness! It’s a dream career that allows dreaming to become a career. Love is the greatest greatness that brings the great out of a person. Parenting is a hardship that is exceptionally rewarding. It gives us a chance to nurture the mind, body, and soul of another human being; which was created by the miracle of one moment. Now, at seven they are reading, writing, and reminding us of lost information from the second grade. It is precious; whether doing homework, watching movies, or just dancing around the house because we can. Are people really forced by the courts to do this? Wow!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

Served What You Deserve

She couldn’t look me in my face because she believed she didn’t deserve me. I was offended, wondering, “Why would I give my heart to someone that didn’t deserve it?” I put my emotions to the side and seen her eye to eye; without words I kissed her on the forehead, reminding her that I will never settle for less. I placed her ears on my heart, allowing her to hear where she is housed; then I expressed, “There isn’t any proof that you’re deserving of me, or me you, all we have is the purity of a kiss and our hearts as homes”….


I Breathe

If Love was a lifetime away, I will die tomorrow just to experience it. If she was the blessing of that feeling, I would chase her to be blessed. If I ever become so bitter I question Love, I would remember the sweetness of its presence and that would be my answer. When in their memory, I was lost; I can say I was never found; but when in their soul I was forgotten, then I can say I was forgiven. When living in their heart becomes a bill, I want to go somewhere I can live for free. When living in their mind becomes a doubt, I want to search for an absolute. I am a seeker of pure intoxicating Love; not the “like” that most will sober from. My quest is forever or never…. I will not live in between. My happiness will exist in the journey if I can’t be content with my destination. I am alive with my mind working as a compass to my hearts survival.


Happy 4

Independence day is a time to relax and enjoy the liberties lives were lost for. We may not all agree that we are declarated in independence but we can still have Fireworks, BBQs, Music, and Family….We can celebrate just being able to hug the person next to us. It’s the only holiday that represents separation which brought us closer together!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~ Enjoy your day how ever you so choose….

I Woke Up Like This

Another early start, waking up to add some words to my life story. Highlighting every joyful moment in the past so I can duplicate the emotion over and over again. Deleting the mistakes of yesterday, writing in the corrections today, so tomorrow is perfected. I will be unafraid to Love yet fear hate. I’ll dream a reality and live life to death. I will use today to piece together my happiness and go to sleep knowing I ended the day with four explanation marks!!!!


We Resist Strength

A strong presence is met with resistance. People gravitate to the flow over the know. Wisdom comes off as arrogant. It sees steps before they are walked, wars before they are fought, and dreams before they become reality. A strong presence is met with resistance, yet it persists- entering rooms, the center, because they demand everyone’s attention. Their strength weakens the crowd- the crowd’s stomachs buckle, so they’re forced to bow, and the stage is left with a witness of greatness. A strong presence is met with resistance, yet they can’t resist, only respect it!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

Just Saying

Smart people don’t know it all, but they know more than most. The ones that attempt to educate you, listen. They are truly fighting to make you their equal, not trying to control how you think. Truly opening your mind is understanding our opinions are also shaped by our lack of knowledge!!!!