He is a Father….

A man walks onto the train covered in children. One strapped to his chest, and the other two holding each hand. My first thought is struggle. But then I sat back and watched them interact and realized he’s not struggling at all. This is his life. He is a father and has accepted this role with an open heart. They left the train and I am a smarter man because they entered it….
~AmazinglyBrash ~

Don’t Let it Pass….

Have you ever looked someone in the eyes and knew they were destined for you? Have you spoken to someone and everything they were saying matched your every thought? Have you ever known you were in the presence of someone that you knew would never intend to hurt you? If you have witnessed any of those things, you have experienced faith….don’t let those moments pass.

My Testimony….

I cry to stay alive, I laugh at death. I am a true believer in believing. A true seeker of the truth. I have lied to myself so many times but those lies became honesty, because I dreamt a reality before it was transformed. People questioned my convictions, accused me of crimes, put me on trial….I was jailed. A prisoner of faith. I stand in front of you all a free man, talking to all of you at this moment is why I cried and laughed. I believed I would affect lives, though life tried to infect me. I am living my dream….

Love is Daily

When you see the greatness of the land, you plant seeds to start seeing that greatness grow….When you have faith in the future, the present is all you have to display that faith….When you dedicate your life to Love, you only want those dedicated to Love in your life….

When Did It….

When did it start becoming okay to walk around unhappy? Why do people believe guarding themselves is protection? I walk down the street deep in thought, so I may look puzzled or even mean, but I am always thinking of ways to get people to “Forgive their Pain” and work toward happiness. If we think about it, most of us allowed something that was out of our control to effect so much that was within our control. We got fired and started breaking everything in our home. We lost the closest person to us and started pushing everyone else away. We were raised in the dark and refused to let in the light. You are not alone. Most people feel the struggles of living, but giving up will never heal our hearts. Giving up only makes things worse. Look the problem in the face and start solving it. Ask for help if the solution escapes you. Speak up if you are in pain, because though misery is good company; it will bankrupt you before making you wealthy. Fight for your happiness….you must believe you deserve it!!!!

Correct the Wrong, Support the Right

My Daughter is taught to articulate her thoughts and emotions with clarity. She does this better than most adults.
So, one day in school one of her classmates told the teacher Camille closed her hand in a book. When asked about it, Camille said, “She is lying, I didn’t close her hand in a book”. The teacher said to Camille, “Don’t call her a liar”. Camille said ” I said she was lying, I didn’t call her a liar because there is a big difference.
Camille added,  “She just lied on me, but she doesn’t liar most of the time, so she isn’t a liar.” The teacher just said “Whatever”…. the teacher calls Jerri as if Camille was being disrespectful. But, Jerri said “I agree with Camille’s definition and we support her clarifying her actions. The teacher rather break Camille’s spirit, then forfeit her ego.

Woman’s Group….

I have several verbal and written commitments to join  the Women’s Group I am trying to start…. It should be interesting. Different ages, backgrounds, and life philosophies- but all looking to enhance their perspective, coming to the understanding that it may take a village!!!!