Why Return????

side of the bed has now divided it in twos! He is too busy, and she is too tired! How could people that had identical goals now be fraternal? He laughs, while she cries; she ignores, while he talks! Everyone is right and no one is wrong! Their lives are parallel and can’t find a way to intersect! They lay back to back, fighting their hearts just to sleep! Something keeps them returning home! Something keeps them from sleeping somewhere else! Is it Love, fear, or comfort???? ~AmazinglyBrash~ #DreamAwake

Simple Ole Laundry

The newness of freshly done laundry, the poor man’s shopping. Each pieces different – smothered with the same fragrance. Folded shirts with folded shirts, hung pants with hung pants, matched up socks – one by one. The labor seems so hard, before the process. But when you’re nearing its end, it begins to show it’s ease. Clean, old, clothes. Beautiful cycle of preservation; Life’s simplicity forces us to pay attention….

Maintaining My Mentality

My words have matched my actions for years, and for years people have tried to change the content of my words to ignite different actions. They want me to lose hope in the day-to-day dream for a better tomorrow, by living in the anger and agitation of today. They prefer me to say, “I will kill you,” so I have no choice but to match my threat with a promise. They wish to provoke me to be another caged impulse, wishing and hoping the clock went backwards and I can move forward. They won’t win; I only focus straight ahead on a picture far brighter than the satisfaction of vengeance. I will continue to allow positivity to fill my lips, so I am forced to pave my actions with positive steps. I will not fail and death will be my reward!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~ #DreamAwake

Comedy Softens the Romance

I sit up at night watching romantic comedies. More for the romance and less for the comedy. I appreciate the gentleness of the Love depicted in these movies. They never mean to fall but they slip deeper in Love after each frame. As viewers, we can see the obvious, yet we stay for the ride. Our hearts swell and we are lighter than before we started watching!!!!

~AmazinglyBrash~ #DreamAwake

Mommy’s Eyes

I looked my mother in her eyes and seen myself. I have argued and fought with her for years, never realizing, in my youth, that I was revolting against my greatest allie. Rebellious, when this woman would give her breath to perserve mine, killing myself in the process- disappointing her plan to start me off where she finished. But, I set her back by talking back. Now, she’s back to cleaning my shit- when I should be paying for her retirement. I seen myself in her eyes when I should have seen her!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~ #DreamAwake

Celebrate Us


We fight for the strength to maintain happiness. We pray for the comfort of a steady lifestyle, hoping the devil doesn’t knock at our door. We vary in faith, but are common in flesh. We believe in winning, but hate to see others lose. We are a kind and loving race, whom commit acts of the mind, which blackens our spirits. Some are birthed in questions; others, with answers, either way we’re searching to be linked. Study so much, learn so little, and capable of everything. We are mankind; full of possibilities, amazed by the impossible, but exist in the fact. We dream life while living our dreams. We’re fighters of happiness! We are God’s children! We are Love!!!!



Your Hug


I am trapped in your hug; the first time I felt your heart beat against mine it drove me out of my mind. The only sanity was knowing your embrace would be my future, as long as I didn’t live in the past. I have heard songs about this feeling; now they all make sense. They say I’m a fool for falling so fast, but they haven’t experienced the certainty of Love. What was once wise words are now other-wise. You don’t have a choice when it’s the real thing. It’s a hurdle too high to jump and a hole too steep to climb out of; it’s an emotion too strong to run from. The greater thing is you don’t want to try to jump, climb, or run; you want its fate to become your faith. Dam, this feels so good it hurts. I have lusted; been infatuated, but could never understand what I was missing in being In-Love. Always seen the tears and disregarded the smiles; now I see the tears existed because they cherished the smiles. I never understood home until you wrapped your arms around me!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~